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Acts of Terrorism and Insecurity in Nigeria . Custom Acts of Terrorism and Insecurity in Nigeria Essay Writing Service || Acts of Terrorism and Insecurity in Nigeria Essay samples, help

I wish to address the problem facing Nigeria’s security system. The challenges lie within the dimensions of the emergence of a well organized and well financed terror group from the northern part of Nigeria. The tactics that are used by these groups are far beyond the landscape of Nigeria. This has, therefore, posed a formidable challenge to the citizens and general existence in Nigeria. Threats from the Boko Haram group have grown beyond proportion. It is high time the country reacts in order to liberate the citizens from the doubtful lives they are living. They have been witnessed to attack highly strategic places such as the UN office in Abuja, mosques, churches, police stations and killing of innocent citizens who do not support them in any way (Nkanga, 2011). The group has grown to greater levels involving suicide bombing in order to increase the number of casualties in their attacks. In an attempt to curb this security challenge, I wish to submit a proposal that would suggest various ways of dealing with this terror group in so that the amount of attacks that are reported on a daily basis can be cut down.


America, United Kingdom and Europe apply the civil approach system in dealing with criminals who have been confirmed and found guilty of crimes such as murder among others. In Nigeria, conventional warfare has been employed in the past. This system uses the army in dealing with criminals. This has been found to only increase fame as far as the criminals are concerned. The civilized approach ensures that the criminals do not replicate. There is no recruitment of new criminals.

The criminals are captured and sent to jail. Thereafter, they are released and given a totally different identity that comes with a brand new package of identity. New identity cards and new birth certificates are issued. The media are not allowed to reveal where they are. However, the criminals are still in a lifetime probation period. This is the civilized approach. However, in executing this approach, strategies are applied in order to ensure that the citizen’s security is given priority. The civilized approach can help Nigeria to reduce the amount of extremism organizations that poses security risks to the whole nation. The brought forward by this proposal includes the strategic approach, tactical approach and the operational approach.

Strategic approach

In this approach, the country with the help of the defense forces will be required to monitor activities and progress through social responsibility, which will be divided into four distinct faces. These faces include the community, the environment, the marketplace and the workplace. The approach would provide a consistent outline that takes into account the various social, economic and environmental priorities in Nigeria. This approach should be supported by a leader who is known to deliver negatively on agreed matters.

This approach should also involve the withdrawal of the government support on any extremist group, whether violent or non-violent. The use of the Internet in schools should be revised so that they can block sites that pose the potential risk factors that may stir up violence among students. Computers in schools will be blocked from accessing undesired content on the web. The strategic approach is suitable in detecting any form of terrorism which poses the greatest risk on national security.

Information technology can be used as one of the strategies to increase the scope, depth and breadth of information sharing across the country. This is likely to elevate the protection of such information. Systems that are used locally should be protected so that the criminals are not able to exchange harmful information across a network. Such an issue should be taken seriously, because failures to protect systems the criminals are able to link up and execute terrorist activities. Physical and administrative tools are not able to assure technical security in the country. Only properly managed internal staff can operate the equipment because most of these equipments lack proper controllers.

The information security strategic plan will establish the information security programme in Nigeria. This security programme shall work towards a collection of activities that would ensure information protection. This programme should involve technology, management processes and the culture that exist in the country. This will create effective control mechanisms that will ease operation and management of these mechanisms.

In the UK, the strategy that was employed was similar to the objectives and the aims. The government decided to assist all other organizations that are deemed to be moderate in their operations. This means that the groups did not have any relationship with terrorism and violence. Non-violent extremism is another threat that may destroy a country in a very short period of time. These groups are likely to create an atmosphere that is conducive to other terror groups and can popularize the views that are exploited by terrorists.

Tactical Approach

On the current battlefield, enemies meet online. The information assurance in Nigeria should now take a tactical approach. The defense department of Nigeria should work towards creating an information and communications security environment that meets on hand data coercion and awaits potential attacks. Today, many organizations have invested in tactical approaches such as penetration testing and adopting scanning tools, which are the basic development tools during production. I don’t think the Nigerian government is unable to apply tactical approaches that are aimed at weakening these terror groups.

Tactical approach uses the unique tactics that are consistent and reliable in exposing the extremists together with their ill intentions. Tactical approaches towards ending the terrorist attacks in Nigeria should involve the equipment to be used rather than the various ways of facing the enemy. If many of these people causing the security threats meet online, then there should be a way out. Nigeria should launch a technology based on investigation center concerned with monitoring systems of communication and detect any form of violence in the process.

Operational Approach

The operational approach will help in revealing who these terrorists are and what they use to destroy. Various strategies used by the enemies will be outlined, and possible operational actions will be taken towards protecting Nigeria against terrorist attacks. Earlier on, security agencies in Nigeria launched the behaviour modification programme to place captured terrorists in the desired care. The essence of this move was to offer corrective measures to these people so that later they become responsible citizens. But a sad truth is that they get back to their initial behaviours (Nkanga, 2011). The operational strategy would ensure that they all get correction measures that can enable them avoid crime.

My observation is that the president is not served well by the security body of the country. Therefore, he needs to change his security advisor and thoroughly reshuffles the security team at the presidency. The people surrounding the Nigerian president are only lying to him, and this is the greatest security threat that a country can ever face. Boko Haram is a group that possesses many names. Therefore, it is a misconception that the group is comprised of Muslim members (Wintrobe, 2006). There are non-Muslims who exist within the organization. This group is a terror one. It is not a religious group. Therefore, clear investigation should be made so that the background of the group and the framework of leadership are established. It is true that the group is founded upon Islamic grounds. But the main approach here is to get rid of the group completely, regardless of the racial classification of its members.

In America and Europe, extremism is an agenda that has had considerably enough time in the discussions held in the state meetings. Their strategy towards eliminating these groups is the determination of the groups’ roots. This includes their funding and their strategies. With this information, they are able to demolish all the plans and the eventual activities and thus disintegrate the whole group (Mojeed, 2011).

Government and Stakeholder Relationship

The government should work with various stakeholders who may be instrumental in ensuring that information is delivered to the state security service in due time, and that the action to be taken should be aimed at totally eliminating doubt. My proposition is that the police should be encouraged to tighten their investigatory role and come up with the ways of strengthening the security section of the country. Traditional leaders and other stakeholders are involved, so that they act as representatives of vast areas that cannot be reached by only the police.

The government should make a mutual relationship with the citizens through their traditional leaders so that the whole country can have an endless chain that ensures security for one another (Bergesen & Han, 2005). This is because of the damage that has been created by the Boko Haram group. For a long time, Nigerians have been brutally murdered by members of this groups and that the intervention will increase security that is the greatest deprivation in Nigeria at the moment.

According to the vision 2020, the Nigerian government stated that it would guarantee an environment that is conducive for every citizen so that they can all have a guarantee of security for their lives as well as their properties (Azam, 2005). The Boko Haram terror group has dragged Nigeria behind, and there is a need to act so that the trend in terms of development keeps on moving up. Failure to this action will lead to a vast land with killings every day.


Being an optimist, I believe Nigeria can be restored from the disaster if all citizens come together to bring a sovereign conference in which all groups come for negotiation in terms of citizenship in Nigeria. This can be accomplished without any gunshots. The biggest worry remains that of whether the hooligans will allow such a gathering to take effect. History reveals that Nigeria’s most rare commodity is that of unity. All efforts are aimed at bringing together all citizens in order to find ways of protecting the nation by ensuring security and safety. The damage is already done since people have been murdered, property has been destroyed, and the best thing is to recollect the little that is remaining in order to give hope to the young ones. Another painful truth is that Nigerians are not safe anywhere within their environment.

Acts of Terrorism and Insecurity in Nigeria . Custom Acts of Terrorism and Insecurity in Nigeria Essay Writing Service || Acts of Terrorism and Insecurity in Nigeria Essay samples, help

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