Response to the Four Idols

The most common idol is “the idol of the tribe”. This is something common in all parts of the world. People are not ganged according to their reasoning capacity but to their origin. The race and tribe in all parts of the world is of much importance when it comes to considerations in valuable position and respect. Each person gets respect because of the place or tribe, which he/she originates. There are many people, who went to school and got credible grades, but they have lacked employment because of their tribe and background. Always there is the issue of stereotyping in which you find a certain group or tribe regarded as having a bad record. This leads to hatred and discrimination between individuals from different ethnic groups.

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The dangerous idol is “the idol of the market place”. Men have to interact with each other and share their views and their understanding of the things that happen in life. Each person is always determined to defend his/her views and remain always right. Mostly, when people do wrong they do not admit, but they keep on defending themselves trying to convince people that what they did was right. Many people have been misled by thoughts of their friends and other people. There are many people who do not have their own principals of life, and when they meet with bad people they get influenced and start doing what is wrong. This idol leads to influence and many people have lost their life because of bad behaviour learned from their friends (like commission of crime).

The four idols, which include market place, theater, tribe, and the idol of the cave leads to perception of nature in a way it does not exist. People should be aware of those idols and try to live according to their own principals and respect of each other’s dignity.

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