Homelessness in Society

Homelessness is a lack of regular dwelling for people in the society. There are different conditions that lead to people not having formal settlement in home set-up. While some people’s circumstances force them to live in debilitated or no house, others willingly adopt this informal life. For example, drug addicts rarely keep or maintain safe and regular homes. Homelessness is a social failure, because everybody deserves a decent shelter, which is one of the basic needs. Homelessness exposes a person or a family to many infections or insecurities.

There are different situations that lead to homelessness. It is imperative to understand the pressures of life that push people to loss or not own any regular dwelling. Firstly, the leading cause of homelessness in developing countries is low incomes, which subsequently lead to low living standards. Countries should channel efforts to make citizens financially stable. Creating more job opportunities helps significantly in removing people from slum dwellings as well. Besides, the government should fight drug use, especially the hard drugs used by youth, who represent future generations. Political stability of a country will also help significantly in avoiding the number of displaced persons or refugees who usually flee from insecurities.

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Homelessness draws interest of sociologist, because it is a situation which represents society’s failure. A perfect society requires formal structures, such as families, administration and respectful association among members. Homelessness breaks the normal structure of a society. People who lack regular shelters are likely to develop other socially unacceptable behaviors, which may be costly for society in general. For example, high rate of HIV prevalence, reportedly, epitomes poorly settled populations. Homeless families are often dysfunctional because of many issues. The task of upbringing children is taunting, and most of them often fall out of school because of either lack of money to pay school fees or lack of motivation. Therefore, learning the effects of homelessness opens understanding of vices that prevail among the homeless community.

In conclusion, each person deserves a decent, regular dwelling. The government should make policies ensuring that people settle, since a regularly settled society experiences minimal societal vices.

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