Interracial Marriage in America

Interracial marriage is defined as the type of marriage that occurs between two individuals who have a different background. This type of marriage has been facing opposition across the world due to various stereotypes and racism. In addition, in the United States this marriage is still contested, but not openly. The paper discusses interracial marriage in a historical and the present perspective.    


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The matter of interracial marriage is not supported in a wider perspective. However, this type of marriage has been on the increase. This has led to the formulation of new laws to encourage and support them and, in addition to that, to punish whoever is against them, as that would be seen as a racial remark. It is known, that love knows no boundaries. That is why the matter of marriages should be left to individuals. Every human has the right to decide what is good or bad for him/her.

When it comes to interracial marriages, there are numerous feelings that a couple is bound to receive (Root, 2001, p. 148). That is why the people who practice in such relationships are considered brave. The reactions that a couple may get are diverse – love, hate, fear or support. The results of presenting a fiancée or fiancé to the parents may vary. Everything depends on the type of marriage.

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It is obvious that the coming generations need to learn from the current one. That is the sole reason why people should encourage practices that persuade unity rather than division. We should not forget about free will. That is why interracial marriage should be given a boost in order to encourage a better future for the children and the society in general. Many couples struggle for existence of their relationships and therefore, giving them support is better than discouraging them. A good example is the case of the Virginia couple, that was married in the year 1958 and has been struggling to have the laws changed to encompass interracial marriage (Phillip, 2000, part. 14:34).

Interracial love is undoubtedly important since it will bring unity through the increasing numbers of mixed-race children. Biracial children cannot be racists, because they are a mixture of different races. In the modern view, it is necessary to encourage interracial marriage in order to heal the society. The only way to end racism, that is still alive, is to encourage the young people to choose their beloved from different races. Love is boundless and does not have sides, and that is why it would be wrong to say that people of a certain race should not even look at other races. As aforementioned, it was very risky and hard to marry someone who did not belong to your race. This was specifically witnessed in the United States and many European countries. That is why we should start the crusade against racism. Racism has a negative effect and that is why it cannot help in any society, but rather act as a detrimental thing (Judice, 2008, p. 108). Surveys have shown that interracial marriages are constantly increasing due to the change in laws. In addition to that, the new generations of individuals are not racist like their parents or grandparents (JET, 1996, p. 12).             


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In conclusion, the society should be taught newer perceptions. This would help to change it focus on newer ideas that would encourage interracial marriages. Racism must be forgotten. The world is changing and we should reconsider our attitude to a lot of questions. The olden ways should be forgotten in order to focus on a better future.

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