Importance of Learning Different Languages

There are different people belonging to different cultures over the world. It is good to interact and learn these different languages. Through learning the languages, you can interact indirectly meaning it is not necessary to meet physically with these people but through learning their language. Learning of different languages is through different ways; we can learn these languages as subjects in class, which forms an indirect interaction with the people possessing it. We can as well learn the language by direct interaction, this means meeting with the language speakers.

In my county, we have some languages offered in class as optional and others are compulsory. The learning of these languages is truly indirect way of interacting with the speakers of the language. We have English as one of the compulsory language in class. This language is the one that we use for communication. It is very important because it links all people together irrespective of their tradition and cultures. Many people do not use English as their first language. Therefore, it is good to learn it in Oder to facilitate learning and to link up people from different cultures and tradition. Without knowing English, people would still live the traditional way where they retain their tradition and culture to maintain effective communication between them.

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Some other languages in our study system are optional, French and Germany are some of the languages that are in our study system. These languages are equally important but because English is already compulsory and mostly used in many countries worldwide our education, system made it compulsory to learn it. Germany and French languages are optional and therefore it takes upon the interest of a pupil or student. I consider it that not only the interest that should prompt someone to learn a certain language but the benefits attached it.

The importance of learning of learning different languages

There are many advantages attached to learning languages. In our daily living, we have many activities to undertake and we are interdependent. We depend on others as they also depend on us. This requires that we have the good communication between us. Therefore, let us discuss some of these advantages.

Need for a different language because of work or job

Many people have gone to school and acquired knowledge in many fields but they have not been able to get employment within their countries because of lack of opportunities. The population is rising too fast and making it so competitive for the existing people in some countries to get a job whereas in some countries, population is quite low and they cannot get sufficient people to work for them. This will mean that services of people from other countries will be required. Now that we understand it this way, we can link it up with the learning of a different language. Given that some countries uses different language as their national language, learning their languages will make you to stand a chance of employment in their countries (The importance of Languages in Today’s World, par 5).

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Need for a different language because of Immigration

We have to realize that we have not been stickled in one place or a country. Therefore, it is important that we learn different languages so that it may help us when migrating to different countries. This will help you to have an ability to speak to the people in the new place. Besides speaking to them you have an ability to learn and integrate with the local community if you have learned this new language it proves to the natives that you have an interest of living in their country and they will always appreciate your stay in their county. It as well it strengthens your relationship with the people of that country.

Need of different language for family needs.

In life there comes a time when someone need to marry or be married. This is all about love; it is unpredictable in a way that you cannot know exactly who to marry until you fall in love. Love does not choose the tribe, culture or language spoken by a partner. It is important that we learn different languages because when we make families from different language speaking people it will be very good because the language will help you to communicate and learn one another’s culture. It also brings unity among the family members (Why should we learn a Language, par 2)

Knowing of different languages is a source of enrichment personally and to the society as large. In the nation the learning of different languages by the natives earns the country foreign exchange, example of the languages that I listed in the beginning of the essay have been a benefit to our nation. The natives after learning the foreign language or different languages will help the nation to earn foreign exchange through activities like trade. The natives will have the ability to carry out trade successfully with countries of different languages.  Through trade, the country will earn the foreign exchange.

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To individuals different languages can be a source of enrichment in a way that one can get a scholarship from different countries and find a favorable stay with the local people of this nation. Besides this, getting employment in some of some nations that use their language, as a national language becomes easier if you know their national language. To the part of individual who have their hobby as travelling, they can make it enjoyable knowing different languages for them to understand different cultures and tradition in places they go.

It should be an interest of all people learning different languages. As you know a language is a mode of communication, and as more languages you know you are improving and enhancing your communication skill. This will help you to benefit from different people around the world and as well you will be a benefit others.

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