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Job satisfaction is the sense of fulfillment and pleasure that people feel when their work is well done. There are many factors influencing job satisfaction, and our understanding of the importance of these stems. Some of these elements include working relationships, remuneration, job security, status, and hygiene factors for they take into consideration the framework of somebody’s work. We can further describe job satisfaction as a feeling of contentment in a job. This is where the job incumbent feels content in terms of job description and the labor required in the job, also include the satisfaction of the worker in form of wages or salary obtained from the job ( (n.d)).

In order to have job satisfaction, there should be a high commitment between the organization and the job incumbent. With this, let us discuss about organizational commitment to the job. The organization should be committed in providing severe things to its workers. Some of these commitments are, offering of remuneration. The organization should have a great commitment I this part because job satisfaction comes through early and well pay. All the employees in the organization should receive their pay in good time and of the exact measure that is satisfactory to them.

Another important part that will make a commitment to the organization is the part of abiding to the job description given the worker in the organization needs contentment in order to better their performance then the organization should provide clear description of jobs with no changes so that it always agrees with the workers employment agreement. This makes them appreciate their jobs and hence job satisfaction. 

Lets us come up with a brief description between organization commitment and job satisfaction. We understand from the above information that for job satisfaction both the organization and the employee should be committed. Remember that job satisfaction should have an impact to both the organization and the worker.  The organization should approve a job that has a fulfillment and on the other hand, a worker should receive his/her fulfillment from the organization. Therefore, organizational commitment is the capacity of an organization to provide a good job environment to the workers while job satisfaction is the capacity of both the organization and the employee to feel content over a well-done job.

An organization should provide a good job environment to its employees, by so doing there would be fulfillment to both the organization and the worker and hence job satisfaction.

An organization has to have understanding and be committed towards providing all necessary requirements for the employee in order to create satisfaction to its employees. A successful organization is an organization that cares for its employees, because a satisfied employee works selflessly for the organization. This also improves organizational image providing satisfaction to the organization as well (Library Philosophy and Practice (2007)).

Job Satisfaction Analysis. Custom Job Satisfaction Analysis Essay Writing Service || Job Satisfaction Analysis Essay samples, help

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