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Excellence is the goal of every institution. This will only come if we create a pool of resources, so to speak about people. They should be accepted with their unique features, and characters. When put together, they will complement themselves in various ways. This is with the goal of achieving excellence in what we all pursue. Diversity should be infused into admission, hiring and recruiting. If the focus is on qualification and not who a person is, in terms of where one comes from, the race, nor tribe, the diversity will bring excellence not only in our university, but also our civil society (Milem, Chang, and Antonio, pp iii).

I was very impressed when I was allowed to express my ideas in discussions of various subjects that we learn in my faculty in Michigan. I have been allowed to participate in debates where most of our senior lectures attend. Expressing what I feel is valid and right and every person gives me attention irrespective of who they are, shows that they respect my intellectual uniqueness. This has made me learn better and more. The whole experience is in full agreement with what Coleman said in her speech; "We know that diversity makes us a better university -- better for learning, for teaching, and for conducting research"(as written by Nescio, par 36).

I have made friends from all types of people in the University of Michigan more than I made elsewhere. I have interacted with them in different activities apart from attending lectures alone. It has also been fun noting that these friends treat me with high esteem.  In most social activities, I have interacted with students of different races and cultures. It is fun that in our spotting activities, we are united more than any other group that has the same type of people.

We all have different cultural values.  I have been appreciated whenever I do things that are different from what the entire group of friends understand, or have different opinions over them. They have always remembered that that is the way I have been brought up. They understand that it is the normal thing with our culture (Gurin, par 4).  It that way we have coexisted peacefully with my friends in the University of Michigan.

All these experiences have given me a big lesson. That is, that I should be able to appreciate all other people, discussing with them issues, and always acting on consensus.  This will help me learn how to make my colleagues be better people, as I also become a better person.

Diversity in the University. Custom Diversity in the University Essay Writing Service || Diversity in the University Essay samples, help

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