The Goal Setting Theories

The goal setting theory looks in to the need to set goals that leads to achievement. This include the direction in whatever we undertake, for us to have a sense of direction, we have to make an achievement we have to make goals that are clear, they can easily be understood and therefore one can come up with what is right to be done and what should not be done. The goals must also be challenging so that people are motivated to work despite the challenges they face. This also makes people active in work place. The goals setting must be achievable so that one cannot fail to deliver or reach the target. This means that everything will be in order (Changing minds, (n.d)).

Challenge and clarity: The most useful feature of this goal setting theory is that good goals are those that are most productive, measurable and straightforward. As long as the goal is clear and a target has been set, there will be little misunderstanding on what the employees are expected of. A senseless goal is not worthy motivating. The goal has to create adequate challenge to the workers. If there is less difficulties, the workers will have no exploitation of their potential. This will therefore improve the goal setting theory ( Ghebre, (n.d)).

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Commitment; for the employees to receive goals through commitment, they have to participate in the goal setting or have some active participants it the process. Companies have to encourage or allow the participation of employees in the goal setting process and decision-making. With this, the employees gain commitment even in areas of difficulties and the most challenging situation.  From this, the employee becomes self-driven and inspired hence commitment in their work.

Task complexity; in goal setting, there should be an understanding that the more complex the task the employee seem frustrated. The tasks should be a little bit fair to make the employees motivated. In order to avoid such problems in goal setting, employees need sufficient time to carryout their tasks. Another important thing is the provision of training to the employees especially in complex activities. This makes them to feel that the work is cheap even with all the complexity (slideshare (n.d)).

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