Early Childhood Education

Childhood education is an extremely beneficial aspect to the society because education is the engine of prosperity and success. The Child should pass through the best education grade in his/her early ages so as to develop the brain and emotionally. Every nation should therefore invest in children by offering the best standards and assessments to achieve its potential achievement in the future.

Right to a better education system is one of the rights emphasized here. The Government of America should consider providing better quality education to its children to improve their development. A study conducted, showed that a child is a work in progress towards development of the nation this is so because during the entire life of the child an economic value of five million dollars streams. A child well educated chance of failing in the future is less, and, therefore, ; the nation also benefits since crimes reduce. The children also feel loved and appreciated later on when they grow to be successful people in their life.

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I support this manifesto since it is considering the future of the young children by advocating for a better early childhood education for a promising future, compared to the practice earlier. I would not have added anything to this manifesto as it includes a majority of the children’s rights. I agree with the part where the children appear as a work in progress towards the development of a nation if provided with the best level of standards and assessments.

This manifesto encourages the development of standard curriculum and assessment since it shows the benefit of a well-educated child to economy growth. The preschool learning standards used are appropriate for child development stages, by using study tools as study friend used for assistance in learning and assessments used to help children test their performance and achievement of desired results. Assessment standards should be strictly revised every time to ensure quality education provision for a better brighter future.

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