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The role of empires in the international system cannot be overstated. Empire plays a significant role in shaping the international relation between many states in the world. In a world where many historic empires have fallen down, there emergence of new empires is a subject of theorist of international relation. Even when the decline of empires like the Russian and Roman Empire still remain etched in the minds of historians, the notion of new empires emerging has been a subject of study to theorist of international relation. Today, the world international relation system, has seen the emergence of new empires like the US, China and NATO who have continued to go beyond the boundaries exerting pressure to other nations in the world with an intention of working on their own.

The most notable aspect of empires has been regarded to be its ability to stand on their own and face other competitors such as states in the global environment. The international relation experienced immense changes since the end of the Cold War which had polarized the world. The end of the Cold War and the emergence of United States as victor over the Soviet unions changed the tune of imperialism in the international landscape. Because of this, the United States of America rose up as an empire that could move across it border when interested with something in the global arena.  As a result, the United States has flexed its muscle to take over rogue states such as Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, the empires like the United States have managed to flex its authority over non-state actors seen as a threat. This has seen the killing of Saddam Hussein, and Osama bid Laden believed to head the Al-Qaida network.

On the international scale, the emergence of new economic powerhouse like China has made it be regarded as an empire. Though at a commerce perspective, China has defied all competitors and emerged as the leading country with a high value of commercial pursuits. As a result, China has emerged as a global empire with its goods traversing the world into a large number of foreign markets. It is agreed that globalization has been the driving factor for the emergence of economic empires like China. With China still experiencing an increase in it economic potential, the commercial prospect it has achieved gives it an advantage over other states in the world. Needless to say, the world has experienced a new form of the empire where globalization has leveled the playing field for many states that take part in commercial activities where markets boundaries have been weathered considerably. The emergence of globalization as a force constituting an empire has been seen to be caused by labor struggle between different nations.

The creation of NATO was aimed at a checking the spread of communism ideologies by checking its expansion in Eastern Europe. However, even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO still influences the world. Rather than being part of the international system, NATIO has distanced itself from other states to pursue its interest. More specifically, NATO has taken part in military operations in countries such as Libya where it helped in the ousting of preside Mohamar Gadhafi. Whereas this invasion seems to be a small factor, it is true that NATO has shaped the world by exerting its power over other states in the world.

The aspiration of the United States to control other states in the world underscores the emergence of new empires where states attempt to exert pressure and influence on others. Recently, the United States was in a dilemma after Palestine declared interest to apply for recognition on a United Nations summit. Even when little progress has been made, there is still room for empires like the United States and NATO to exert their influence in the international system where states are still consideredconsidered being in anarchy.

Empires and International System. Custom Empires and International System Essay Writing Service || Empires and International System Essay samples, help

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