Violence Against Women Act of 1994

The American Congress has been taking a leading step in protecting the interests of vulnerable groups such as women. In 1994, the Congress passed the Violence against Women Act of 1994 in order to protect women from violence, which had made women suffer in the hands of perpetrators. This Act was a response to the increasing number of violence crime against women. With a high number of domestic violence, stalking and sexual assaults, the need to protect women was long overdue. With the passing of Violence against Women Act of 1994, the Congress aimed to reduce violence against women, provide services to battered women and hold male perpetrators accountable for the acts of violence.

            Provision of the Act

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The Violence against Women Act of 1994 had several provisions that the Congress established to address the needs of women in society. The signing of the Act reinforced laws and improved protections of women against violence directed to them. This Act was crafted to give women more protections that were non-existent before. With the signing of the Act into Law, women received increased legal protection against violence of any form.

            The Act also authorized the use of funds to provide services that were meant for the prevention of rape and provision of education programs. Before the signing of this Act, women were more vulnerable to rape and other forms of violence. However, the signing of this Act amended the Public Health and Human Services Act to provide grants for the running of the above programs.

            The Violence against Women Act of 1994 authorized the use of grants for providing shelter to battered women. The funds were also to be used in managing domestic violence programs, as well as providing enforcement in rural areas against violence. These steps were aimed at improving the security of women and reducing violence against them.

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            The Act also strengthened federal laws by improving their capacity to handle cases of violence against women. The Act provided for the release of funds for the training of judges and other federal officers in issues pertaining violence against women. This step was critical in establishing a competent force that could deal with issues of violence directed against women.

Impact of the Act on women

            After the singing of Violence against Women Act of 1994, much has been realized today. First, women have received more protection against battery, stalking and sexual assault. Victims of dating violence have also received benefits from this program through protection. Unseen before, victims of violence receive enough protection against further violence.

The Act has played a central role in the establishment of grants that have been used to provide services to various communities. These services have been essential in helping people respond to incidents of violence against women. Because communities have a role in shaping positive behaviors, the Act has involved communities at all levels to promote awareness on the dangers of violence against women.

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            Most important, the Violence against Women Act has transformed the legal landscape with regard to issues pertaining violence against women. Unlike before, this Act has provided the legal system with tools that are being used to bring perpetrators to justice and promote accountability. This impact has allowed victims to receive justice after being subjected to violence.

      Certainly, the Violence against Women Act of 1994 has reduced the violent crime against women. The Congress through this Act improved legal provisions, authorized grants and started programs meant to reduce crimes against women. Notably, this Act has reduced the number of violence against women, provided relief to battered women and brought perpetrators to justice.

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