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Seeking a Management Position . Custom Seeking a Management Position Essay Writing Service || Seeking a Management Position Essay samples, help

Seeking a Management Position

Law Enforcement

  • Worked as investigative cases, intelligence and analyst support.
  • Assisted Law enforcement Agencies in the establishment of counter drug intelligence systems/database; helped in developing investigations and cases for prosecution.
  • Provided legal, paralegal and auditing expertise.
  • Inspected local supply material repeatedly to combat fraud, waste, and abuse.



  • Travelled to different strategic stocking locations worldwide routinely to provide one-to-one training as needed.
  • Provided customized same and next day forward and reverse supply solutions.
  • Participated in weekend maintenance meetings to ensure that maintenance-supply issues are addressed, and adequate support is rendered.
  • Acted as a liaison between AFSOC bases, Defense Enterprise Computing Center, HQ operations and Sustainment Systems Group.
  • Managed 10 personnel during both Swing Shift and Mid Shift operations.
  • Oversaw communication of critical information and report needed to ensure proper aircraft maintenance in accordance to US Air Force Regulation.
  • Has experience of managing over 3K inbound / outbound Supply Interface System (SIFS) transaction daily.



  • Physically inspected; Segregated the property calculated at 3.5 billion dollars by priority and classification; placed in temporary holding location for further processing.
  • Examined receipt discrepancies using SF 364 and reported the discrepancy, when applicable.
  • Processed serviceable turn-ins of property from supply customers into SBSS.
  • Performed in-checks and ensured proper processing and safeguard of pilferable, sensitive and forward supply point assets.
  • Was responsible for database management and computer performance for two Standard Base Supply System (SBSS) accounts and four satellite accounts.
  • Provided uninterrupted support to over 2.5K supply customers supporting 257 Special operations and combat search and rescue aircraft.


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Employment History


Ariel Port Squadron Helper                                                                         July 2011 - Present

US Air Force Reserve, McGuire AFB, New Jersey US


Military Intelligence Analyst Drug Enforcement Administration                           Feb 2009 – July 2011

NJ Air National Guard, Counterdrug Task Force, Camden, New Jersey US


Maintenance Supply Liaison                                                                        Apr 2008 – Feb 2009

108th Logistics Readiness Squadron, McGuire AFB, New Jersey US


Field Compliance Specialist                                                                       Oct 2007 – Oct 2008

Choice Logistics, New York, New York US


Maintenance Supply Liaison                                                                      Oct 2007 – Apr 2008

105th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Stewart Air National Guard Base, New York


Receiving Non Commissioned officer in charge, SSgt                                          Oct 2006 – Oct 2007

305th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Mc Guire Air Force Base, US


Mid shift Computer Operations Supervisor, SSgt                                    Sept 2005- Sept 2006

Air Force Special Operations Forces, Regional Supply Squadron, Hurlburt Field US


Mission Capable Supervisor, SSgt                               ;                            Dec 2003 – Sept 2004

Air Force Special Operations Command, Regional Supply Squadron, Hurlburt Field US


Ground Mission Capable Apprentice, SRA                                                Jan 2002 – Dec 2003

Air Combat Command Regional Supply Squadron, Langley Air Force Base, US


Ground Stock Control Apprentice, AIC                                                               June 2000 – Jan 2002

Air Combat Command Regional Supply Squadron, Langley Air Force Base US





Burlington County College, Pemberton, New Jersey US

Pursuing - to complete in June 2012

Major: Business Administration

GPA: 3.0/4.0


Counterdrug Intelligence Training

School Des Moines IOWA

Class Part I May 2009 & Class Part II Aug 2010


Community College of the Air Force, Randolph AFB, Texas US

Feb 2005

Minor1: Leadership/Management I

Minor2: Managerial Communications I

Minor3: Military Studies

Relevant Coursework, Licensure and Certifications: Management Program Elective

Program Elective



Air force Sergeants Association %u25CF Camden County Detective



Secret Security Clearance


Desired Work Locations



  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • West Palm Beach


New York

  • Long Island
  • New York City



  • Philadelphia




  • San Antonio


New Jersey


Seeking a Management Position . Custom Seeking a Management Position Essay Writing Service || Seeking a Management Position Essay samples, help

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