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Human trafficking comprises all acts of human transfer from one region to another with the aim of exploiting the services of the victims. The means that obtaining of such persons might be done by force, abduction, or deception. Those charged with the crime of human trafficking includes all those involved in the real action of recruiting, transportation and receiving of persons under traffic. This paper analyzes the activities that take place in Saint Luis Missouri and reviews their legality and illegality in relation to human trafficking.

Human trafficking exists in Missouri and continues to take place in various forms. They range from services related to commercial sex, forced labor, child pornography, and illegal migration of persons. A report conducted by Greg Anderson of the University of Missouri indicates rampant rates of human trafficking in this region.  The first form of human trafficking taking place in Missouri goes in the form of marriage brokers. The international marriage brokers in Missouri are responsible for the transportation of women from other countries into Missouri. These women fall prey of promises of husbands under criteria that do not match their expectations. On arrival in Missouri, the women live with their expected husbands while subjected to acts not within their original form of agreement. Such actions constitute human trafficking.

Michael Buck is a resident of Missouri whose acts are an example of human trafficking. Buck got involved with child prostitution and child pornography. He transported children from other countries to set up a commercial sex business in Missouri. The children came to do different jobs or as a result of forced abduction. The process also involved illegal immigration of children and Buck confiscated their travelling documents upon their arrival in Missouri (Greg Anderson, 2009).

Commercial sex also takes place in Missouri and forms a part of the human trafficking incidences. For instance, Missouri has several massage parlors, most of employees there being Asian women. These women work in deception or consciously. Whichever the case is, the Asian women working in the parlors move into Missouri illegally. This makes the act fall under human trafficking (Greg Anderson, 2009).

Causes of human trafficking occur in three categories. These are causes that affect the country of origin, those that affect the country of destination, and the international causes of human trafficking. In the countries of origin, poverty is the main cause of human trafficking. Women and children who live in poverty move to other countries in search of jobs and wealth and often fall victims of human trafficking. Domestic violence also carries its role in human trafficking. This happens when a person is not in a good relationship with family members or the community. Such persons fall prey of deceptions that result in human trafficking. Instability in a country’s political, social, and economic system also promotes human trafficking (Greg Anderson, 2009).

In the country of destination, those involved in human trafficking are in search of cheap labor. This occurs when the natives of the countries demand higher pays than what the foreigners might demand. The stability of a social system of the country of destination also plays a key role in human trafficking. This occurs when the natives of the country believe that it is socially unfit to work in certain businesses, such as massage parlors. This makes the owners of such businesses transfer people illegally from other countries to work in their parlors. Universal factors that contribute to the rise of human trafficking include a lack of education and public awareness of forms and tricks used by human traffickers. Those involved in the activities have sophisticated networks that are hard to detect, thus leading to an increase in human trafficking. Corruption also plays its role as government officials take part in the crime instead of controlling the crime (PlantingSeedsFromUA, 2009).

A sociologist has an interest in human rights and equality of discriminated or marginalized groups. Human trafficking involves exploitation of women and children in commercial sex business. This falls under human rights of a group of people, thus a subject of interest to sociologists (Schanuel, 2009). 

Human Trafficking. Custom Human Trafficking Essay Writing Service || Human Trafficking Essay samples, help

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