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To support the biological evolution, Root-Bernstein uses the evidence of transitions whereby the organisms undergo various modifications. He uses the example of the hyracotherium which has four toes and undergoes transitions to the one toed horse. To further convince the student, he used the example where the ribs of the reptiles becomes a tortoise's back through fusing and broadening and the phenomenon is referred to as divergent evolution. He also refers to convergent evolution which involves mutations. Also, Root-Bernstein supports biological evolution using the evidence of the parts of some animals that were functional in the past but they are now dysfunctional.

In addition to her religious stand and beliefs, Root-Bernstein influenced the reasoning of the students along the line of science. He convinced the student not to belief that the taking of a rib from a person does not make the future off springs to have one rib less. Through practical counting, the student discovered confirmed that man and woman have equal ribs number. To further enhance the understanding of the student, he claims of having a different number of ribs relative to his mother. His example of a man with 11 pairs of ribs who was found in Alps implied that biological evolution exists.

The theory of natural selection is explained by Wallace and Darwin who had a common theory and which was based on practical observations centrally to Lamarck's incorrect speculations theory. The incorrect theory of Lamarck says that the traits of some organisms change so that the organisms are able to adapt to the environment. On the other hand, Darwin and Wallace said that the organisms were born with variations which the species' members have an advantage of surviving in a given niche. These organisms then pass the traits to their off springs through a continuous process. Therefore, Darwin and Wallace's theory implies that the organisms do not chose the traits as Lamarck puts it.


As much as people belief in religious theories, they should also belief the scientific theories of evolution as most of them are based on credible practical observations.

Natural Selection. Custom Natural Selection Essay Writing Service || Natural Selection Essay samples, help

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