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One day I reached at home and was feeling a little bit exhausted so I made up my mind that when I reach home, will go straight to my bedroom to take a rest. When I reached home, my younger brother opened the gate for me as usual and I proceeded to pack my car in its usual place. Since I was tired, I did not talk much with him. I only said hallo to him and reached for my key and headed towards my room. Surprisingly, when I place the key in the lock and tried to open the door it did not open and yet it is the same door I have been opening for the last ten years since we moved to the house. I even tried to push harder but still it did not open. I removed the key from the key hole and decided to remove my shoes and have a glass of water as I tried to comprehend what the problem could be.

The problem might have been with the lock or with my hand but I felt if I greased the lock and twisted the key gently then the door might have opened. It is possible that I might have used for much force to try and open the door that I key ended up stick on something inside the lock but I did not notice and therefore that's why it did not open. This might be because the lock had rusted and therefore the gears inside did not turn properly and that's why the door did not open. Considering that the lock is made in a way that the key presses some lever inside in order to release the "locked " part, rust could have made the lever not to turn.

However since I did not have any grease in the house, I decided to go try opening the door a second time before I could conclude on what decision to take. I was however surprised that this time round it opened with so much ease that I kept wondering what the problem could have been with my first time of opening. This proved to me that the problem was not because of any kind of rust that might have been in the lock since if it did, then the door could not still open on the second trial. My first hypothesis was therefore wrong because the door opened.

The human brain is supposed to control the muscles in the body (Johnson 3). It should therefore control the muscle in the hand to twist it and for the lock to be opened. If the muscles to not turn then the joints in my hand would not turn and the door would not open. However the muscle can not work if the brain does not send a signal to them on what they should do. Since I was not fully composed and did not have fully control of the action of opening the door, the whole procedure of the mind sending signals to the muscles in the hands to open the lock might have been missed.

The alternative cause could therefore be that I did not open the door in the first place. It therefore means that if I had turned the key in an anticlockwise direction, the door should have opened. Considering the fact that I was very tired and my mind was focused on my bed, it is possible that I was absent minded and therefore did not have fully control of my body and action (Johnson 6) twist my hand in an anticlockwise direction as it suppose to be so that I could turn the key and open the door. I might have been pushing the door to try and open and yet the lock was not yet opened in the first place. One experiment that could help me solve this misery would be to try opening the door the same way I did about ten times. If the lock opened and so as the door then my second hypothesis would definitely be the correct one.

Scientific Method Exercise. Custom Scientific Method Exercise Essay Writing Service || Scientific Method Exercise Essay samples, help

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