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Many scientific problems have been associated with the theory of evolution and have formed a basis for many against it. This have at the same, led to the many different scientific views on the same, with some views bordering on the involvement of supernatural intervention and inherent divine power in the evolutionary process. Despite some strong scientific facts on evolution, and the fact that scientific knowledge and views have to be supported with credible and provable scientific evidence, many of the evolutionists have come up with varied views on evolution that lack support of scientific evidence. This has in effect resulted in no consensus on evolution and how it works.

Some of the evolutionists have regarded the gradual evolution process as "mindless and blind without any defined purpose". A simple extrapolation of this view is that evolution occurs but is needless and has no benefit to the species.  Science has revealed that evolutionary processes occur "at the species level". The species undergo evolution according to the occurring selective pressures of their respective environments. The purpose of this, as scientific research as shown, is not to become more complicated or advanced, but for the species to become and grow "more adapted to their respective environments". This clearly shows that evolution has the sole purpose of ensuring the survival of the species and the initial unscientific evolution view is directly in contradiction. As regarded by main stream evolution scientists, "natural selection is descent with modification".

Others have the view that evolution is an "intelligent and purposeful process of a cosmos in which the divine is inherent". This view involves the belief that some inherent supernatural divine power is the driving force of the evolution process. This view does borrow from the creationist theories in attempt to explain some perspective of the evolution theory. Scientific methodologies have generated the knowledge, as indicated in the preceding paragraph, that evolution on proceeds as a natural process resulting from environmental pressures on the species (Worsley, 2011). Evolution does not occur random but "proceeds by the action of natural selection".

Some of the evolutionists have adopted "the neo-Darwinian view that it works through some gradual incremental changes". This theory cannot be admissible to other evolutionists as the process does not provide the chance for experimental observation and cannot be measured as result. This provides the view with no scientific evidence and thus cannot be supported.

Another group of evolutionists have argued that "evolutionary advances come in quantum jumps or sudden radical changes". This view proposes the involvement of energy in the process, which has been generally been regarded" to the 2nd law of thermodynamics". The "earth is not a closed system" and the processes involving species need energy in different forms. The fault of this view lies with the lack of evidence in its support.

The attempt to incorporate spiritual intervention in the evolutionary process is an unscientific approach in trying to fill some of the existing gaps in knowledge about the process. The protagonists of these views try to mix the two differing explanations of human existence:  the creation and evolution theories.  Of note is the fact that the evolution theory, just like all scientific theories "is incapable of being proved".

It is a must for all scientific theories to be falsifiable, and one must have the ability to propose rational scientific methodologies in coming up with factual scientific data and evidence in support of their view. Without such factual evidence, any proposed scientific view or perspective can only be regarded as anecdotes based on subjective ideologies. It is evident that the intelligent design of the species as we see them today, that may be as a result of a supernatural being and/ or intervention, cannot be disproved or approved by science in regard to evolution.

The Theory of Evolution. Custom The Theory of Evolution Essay Writing Service || The Theory of Evolution Essay samples, help

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