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The scientific methods involve the performing of the experiments, making the observations and drawing the conclusions from the set of observations. While embracing the scientific methods in tackling problems, one has to follow the five necessary steps so as to reach to a viable conclusion. The first step of the scientific approach is the making of observations and the development of the question. The question should address the subject of interest that is being investigated. The second step involves the statement of the hypothesis, this is an informed assumption about what one thinks is likely to occur. The third step involves the performing of the experiment so as to establish the truth of the assumption. In this step therefore all materials including the detailed steps in the performance of the experiment should be strictly followed. The forth step of the scientific approach the analysis of the results which are the facts and data collected from the experiment. The final step in the scientific approach is the drawing of conclusions with regard to the results. In the conclusion, one explains the findings and the establishment of whether the results obtained supports the hypothesis or not.

In the event where I arrive home late at night, open the front door and switch on the lights and realize that the light does not come on, I will embrace the scientific approach in diagnosing the problem. First I will state the problem which is the failure of lights to come on; this is caused by the power blackout or the faulty electric circuit. Secondly, I will then gather the information about the likelihood of the cause of lack of electricity. This will include checking on the power circuit, the light bulbs, and the main switch. Thirdly, I will formulate the hypothesis mainly the null and the alternative hypothesis. By this, I will hold on the belief that the failure of the lights to come on is due to the faulty circuit in the main wiring system. In order to ascertain this I will proceed to my forth step which is to test my assumption. I will therefore turn on the generator and power the main circuit then turn on the main switch. My fifth step in using the scientific approach will be to make the conclusions. If the lights come on upon the connection of the generator then my null hypothesis will not hold, that the failure of the lights to come on is not as a result of the failure of the power circuits. The alternative hypothesis therefore will hold and thus I will conclude that the failure of the lights to come is due to the power blackout.

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In the study of the black body radiations we are interested to learn the effect of heat in black bodies. An experiment is therefore set up to investigate the absorption and emission of heat by the black bodies as compared to the bright bodies.  In order to investigate this, water is placed in two cups which are mainly black and white cups.  First, the problem is stated that will water in the white cup get hotter faster or the water in the black cup. Secondly, the information regarding the absorption of heat by the same contents in different cups is gathered. Thirdly, the hypothesis is stated, by for instance holding on the assumption that the water in the black cup will get hotter. The fourth step will be to test the hypothesis; this is done by obtaining two cups of the same shape and size, these two cups should be different in colors a black and a white cup. The two cups are then filled with the same amounts of water having the same temperature. The two cups of water are then subjected to sunlight foe one hour after which the respective temperatures are taken by the use of a thermometer. Finally, the conclusion is drawn (Hubbard, 2007) from the results whereby if the temperature of the water in the black cup is higher than the temperature of water in the white cup, the hypothesis holds. This will imply that the black bodies absorb heat faster than the relatively brighter bodies.

Science is very important to me in my daily live since I employ scientific methods in coming with the amicable solutions to problems encountered daily. First, I undertake the activities which employ the scientific disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and computers. When I wake up in the morning, I ought to shower with relatively warm water owing to the consequences of cold water which can be scientifically explained. Since I am a male, I ought not to bathe with hot water owing to the side effects that can be scientifically explained and affects my fertility. Owing to the excessive heat caused by high temperatures during the day, I am forced to put n brighter clothes whilst residing in the houses which are painted with dull colors which absorbs the excessive heat.

I do manual jobs in a construction industry so as to earn a living.  In discharging my responsibilities therefore I got to employ the scientific methods so as to increase the efficiency. In the application of the scientific methods therefore the company reduces the waste ofresources and the energy used in the accomplishment of various tasks. The science of mixtures is also employed in the industry so as come up with the new products which are necessary for performing some specific tasks. In executing my daily duties, I have to prepare a balanced diet which enriches me with adequate diet which is necessary for my positive growth and development owing to the nature of work I do. The preparation of balance diet warrants a scientific approach which determines on what type of food I should cook. Cooking also requires scientific approach in the ratio of the contents that are to be cooked. While sleeping at night, I have to exercise the right posture while sleeping so as to alleviate the negative consequences that comes along with the sleeping disorders such as back pains. I therefore employ the scientific approaches in various ways so as achieve my goals on daily basis.

Science has improved the quality of my live in various perspectives and it is as a result of this that I do advance in my career at a relatively significant base. First, science has led to the discovery of modern tools which increases the efficiency and thus quality achievement of the desired results. The latest inventions made in made in different disciplines of science such as astronomy, physics, and physiology has improved the quality of my life in various disciplines.  The machines and gadgets invented through the scientific methods hassled to the establishment of the necessary and sufficient modes of effectively communicating with the entire world.

The space search has been given impetus by the inventions of rockets; this hassled to the launching of satellites which gives the accurate weather forecasting, the prediction of natural calamities, and the measurement of forest areas (Blavatsky, 2003). As a farmer therefore the weather forecasting enables me roll out my strategic plans in carefully timing the planting seasons so as to avert the unnecessary loses due to prolonged droughts. The launching of the satellites has facilitated the global telecommunications, I am a businessman and this has enhanced the communication with my customers. The launching of the artificial satellites together with the space shuttles has enabled me to study the planes and their satellites.

The greatest scientific invention at the moment if the invention of computers, this has improved the quality of my life. With this, I am able to conveniently and easily do some tasks from the house online. This includes carrying out the scientific researches', booking of tickets, doing the online marketing and the e-commerce. I am also able to pursue the online education via the online degree programs. The computer technology also plays a crucial role in hospitals since it can be used for the diagnosis of the diseases. Moreover, the atomic sciences are used in the diagnosis of diseases and treatments.

In as much as science is of great benefits to the human being, it also has some setbacks. This drawback comes along with the scientific inventions of various which pose threat to human life. For instance, the inventions of cars, airplanes, and ships have increasingly led to the loss of lives of human beings. The scientific phenomena's such as modification of engines, installation of signals and the maintenance of such machines may lead to their failure hence lead to the loss of human lives through accidents. The inceptions of the computers which are deemed to make work easier have poised negative impacts to the users who do not stick to the recommended posture.

Such users therefore have developed pains in their backs and necks. Owing to the scientific inventions, some internet users have been able to manufacture and transmit the deadly virus which destroys data and corrupts files. The internet hackers therefore are able to intrude the privacy of other internet users thus steal their information and expose it to the entire world.  The space travel as a result of the scientific invention is tedious and risky to human lives owing to their ability to crash and kill people.

The invention of medicinal drugs increases the life spans of human beings and the resultant effect of this is the overpopulation which leads to the ultimate scarcity of the resources and the increased poverty levels. On the other hand, the taking of spurious medicines is poisonous and leads to death or the terse side effects which are detrimental to the life span of the human beings.

The generation of the electrical energy comes as a result of the scientific innovations. This is very essential for the use in our appliances; however, the overlooking of the stipulated precautions wreaks havoc to lives of human beings. The electrical shocks for instance may lead to the loss of lives. Electricity may also cause fires which leads to the damage of property.

The manufacture of paper from trees so as to develop the field of education, has led to the destruction of trees hence ecosystems. The ultimate results of this are thee environmental impacts such as the global warming. The development of the industries to manufacture the papers whilst cutting down trees which are the raw materials causes pollution of air and the failure of rains.

The scientific research aimed at increasing productivity in agriculture has led to the manufacture of fertilizers and other agrochemicals. The applications of fertilizers and such agrochemicals by human beings have greatly contributed to the destruction of the ecology and the ecosystem. This occurs when the soil erosion occurs whereby such chemicals areswept into the oceans and lakes whereby the Aquaculture is destroyed.  Conversely, the consumption of the products of such nutrients may affect the human beings in terms of fertility and other nutrients.

As explained in the paragraphs above, science is part of me owing to its necessity in the running of the daily routines. Science enables me to develop a positive trend socially, economically, and politically. The inventions that come along with the scientific approaches are always aimed at increasing the efficiency whilst improving the technology. Science therefore enables me to predict my future with respect to the current trends. It also enables me to develop critical thinking especially when approaching the challenging situations. Science is a prerequisite of technology without which I cannot live without. Through technology the means of communication has changed.

Science has also changed the way I work, housing, clothing styles, housing, and my mode of transportation. Science therefore generates changes in the basic principles and philosophies of mankind together with the moral values. Science is very important to my existence since it gives me the opportunity to pursue societal concerns such as ethics, education, justice, and anesthetics; this enables me to create favorable cultures whilst improving the human conditions. Getting information is the most valuable thing and this is enhanced by the internet access which fosters the existence of the world as a global village. The networks of people are building through technology thus people who subscribe to the same interests globally can be able to meet and share different ideas.

Through science and technology, I am able to pursue international degrees programs offered by the universities in oversea countries indoors with convenience of the highest order.  In order to make life move on with ease, I am obliged to employ the use of the scientific gadgets such as the use of electronics which includes the television sets and radios for entertainment purposes (Colton & Whelpley, 1990). Other products which are the resultants of the scientific approaches includes the fridges which keeps the desired goods at the optimum temperatures hence avoid the waste of resources owing to the ability of  such goods to perish. In order to make complex calculations easier, I do employ the use of the scientific calculators so as to save time and energy.

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I cannot live without science and technology also as a result of the employment opportunities which crops up along with science and technology. This includes the online jobs whereby one can work from any part of the world and conveniently. Technology also allows for the payments of such people through the online modes of payment (Soper, 2008).  Science also contributes to the developments of modern inventions which are aimed at improving the efficiency of executing different disciplines in different perspectives.

Before putting into practice the latest inventions and innovations, science allow one to establish the authenticity and efficiency of such innovations so as to avoid damage to human beings and the negative repercussions of such innovations upon the application. Science therefore necessitates the investigation of such inventions so as to ascertain their effectiveness.

This course has fostered my understanding of the importance of science especially in the current dynamic world. Science enhances creativity and innovation which is necessary for the approach of the challenging situations prevailing in the current world and is detrimental to our positive growth.  This course emphasizes on the embrace of scientific approaches so as to create solutions to the current prevailing problems in the world. Human developments and the future prosperity of all the nations in the world rely on science.

The existence of the world as a global village draws its conformity to science. The subject has fostered my understanding of establishing the truth of the theories. This clearly indicates that the science seeks to establish the truth of the assumptions. This therefore implies that in order to establish the truth of some occurrences, it is necessary for one to embrace the scientific approach. The scientific projects which requires the experiments, involves the observations, questions, hypothesis, experiments, the results, and the conclusions derived from the results and observations.

Scientific Methods. Custom Scientific Methods Essay Writing Service || Scientific Methods Essay samples, help

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