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Our bodies are entitled to a number of systems of feedback control which enhances their survival. Homeostasis system works to regulate the internal environment and maintain its stability and constant condition in the body of a living organism. The essay below refers to various control systems

Control mechanisms

In reference to any life system parameter, an organism may be considered to be either a conformer or regulator. The conformers allow the environment to make decision on the parameter and regulators concentrates on the maintenance of the parameter at a constant level. All the control mechanisms of homeostatic are supposed to have a minimum of three independent components for the enhancement of the process of regulating. These are the receptor, control centre and effectors.

Reflex is one of the stimulus response events; it is usually unpremeditated and involuntary response to a certain stimulus. For example, the human beings cover their bodies from direct heat such as the strong rays of the sun. The receptor of this mechanism is the skin of the person which detects changes in the environment. The detected stimulus directs the receptor to signal for a change to the control centre which is the mind of the person. The control centre then responds to the effectors who command the individual to cover his or her skin for protection from the strong rays of the sun (Lauralee, 2006 p. 12).

The fight and flight is another stimulus response system. This is used by the animals to respond to threats by discharge of sympathetic nervous system commanding the animal to either fight or flee for security. For example when a Zebra sees a lion, the stress response becomes activated. The activation of the sympathetic nervous system provides intense muscular efforts for the animal to escape the danger. The eyes of the Zebra are the receptors which send the signal to the control centre which then commands the legs to run.

The mechanisms of blood sugar regulation are also a system of feedback control. The levels of blood sugars are regulated through negative feedbacks for maintenance of homeostasis. When the blood levels changes to dangerous levels, the alpha and beta cells acts to respond to the changes. These cells are the receptors, they send their signal to the liver which either reduces or increases the amount of glucose converted to glycogen thus regulating the amount of blood sugar.


The homeostasis control system is the most essential in the maintenance of dependability in the internal environment. Although the changes in the environment of any living organism occur, the magnitude is expected to be unnoticed. The control mechanisms assure the security and comfort of any organism by detecting, signaling and acting towards the dangers.

Homeostasis System . Custom Homeostasis System Essay Writing Service || Homeostasis System Essay samples, help

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