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Reaction 1 to “American Civil War- Documentary” History channel by Tony Scott. Custom Reaction 1 to “American Civil War- Documentary” History channel by Tony Scott Essay Writing Service || Reaction 1 to “American Civil War- Documentary” History channel by Tony Scott Essay samples, help

The documentary begins with stating that the Civil War was the deadliest battle in the American society. America really changed from that impact. The focus is on the battle of Gettysburg, on July 1, 1863. It was 420 Iron Bridget soldiers’ vs. Confederates (rebels) who ran in the rail dug and shot the Iron Bridget. As a matter of fact, America changed from the Civil War impact. Dough was the commander of the Iron Bridget. His men were shot, sinking to death on the ground. He ended up relying on flag flyers, to command his troops. He lost 10 flag bearers in 1 minute and lost command of his troops; this was amidst shootings from rebels in the rail dug.

After young sergeant was shot, he almost gave up, but the zeal to fight for noble cause kept him fighting. His presence was always an inspiration to soldiers around him. The astonishing thing is that in 20 minutes, the fight was over. There were 600 rebels dead, but Dough only lost half of his men. Robert E. Lee and his 75000 troops were also approaching, and then the story shifts to Amos Hamster. He heed to Lincolns’ call for recruits, despite having the option to stay at home and look after his family. He was a family man; he was determined to fight, but opted not to die in the battle. Dick Hugh also features as the new lieutenant. The story goes back to Amos Hamster, how he got trapped, fighting for his life, and yet thinking about his family.

The reaction to this video is that one may feel skeptical about the influence of negative emotions on stereotypic judgment and main decisions shown throughout the video. On the other hand, sad people more engage in conscious and motivated thinking, as they are not at an ideal aim state or their movement rate towards the goal’s state is not perfect. As a matter of fact, battle scenes were filmed at Gettysburg, gaining the video the greater authenticity. Gettysburg offered the multifaceted character development and the superb performance by depicters. With immense effects and war music, and a decent screenplay, the video become a must-see. Overall, it gives an immense sense of patriotism, looking at how citizens fought for each own belief of the noble cause. This video is a must-see and highlights famous men who toiled and fought, but all ended up in America, being one today. Overall, it is an excellent depiction documentary.

Reaction 2- the Red Badge of Courage (The Movie)

America was and still is profoundly affected by events of the Civil War. It is not surprising that many movies have used this dramatic part of American History as its backdrop. Reviewing the movie titled, “The Red Badge of Courage”, one can learn several lessons and immense sense of the actual concept of the Civil War. This movie is based upon the classical novel by Stephen Crane. It captures a struggle of young Union soldiers with cowardice. This movie gives some impressive battle scenes and narrations from the novel. Moreover, in The Red Badge of Courage is starring the World War the Second's most decorated veteran, Audie Murphy. This aspect is quite ideal and optimum for every history lover and overall, the Great American People.

One’s main takeaway from the movie is that one learns an immense deal of the battle between the North and the South. Realistically, to conquer the South, the North had to reach several aims: 1. To secure the control over the Mississippi River to allow the unimpeded movement of Western goods needed; 2. To cut off the South from international smugglers and traders that could aid the South; 3. To take Confederates out of action in order to prevent further attacks, such that in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and to decrease  battle losses of the Northern States; 4. To stop the South's ability to produce necessary war materials and goods.

The South had to consider such measures to make its own plans and capitalize on victories, to weaken the North; to get an international recognition as the independent and sovereign state and to prevent seizing of the Confederate territory. The South has not succeeded in accomplishing these goals, and after 4 years of fighting, the North was the winner in this war. The negative conflict has put a shadow on successes of America since then. The USA had to find a way to heal wounds of the war during the Reconstruction, which fell to innermost and political values of white people in the North and the South.

The main reaction to this movie is that it reveals how hostile the North and the South states were during the war time. It reveals that, although today Lincoln is regarded as one of the America’s best presidents, he had to deal with all uncertainties and hostilities within the American people. This movie reveals Audie Murphy to be accorded the legend status, due to his role in the World War the Second. This is a main strength for reviewing this movie. There are no weaknesses identified.

Reaction 3 - Glory (The Movie)

This movie is one of the best Civil War movies in the world. It gives a view of African-Americans during the Civil War, more concretely, the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. This document led the assault against Fort Wagner during the Battle of Fort Wagner that assisted in turning the tide of the battle. The movie is historically accurate and rich on details with superb acting of famous actors.


In spring of 1861, decades of tensions between the North and the South in United States over problems which included states' rights versus the federal authority, slavery and westward expansion exploded during the American Civil War (1861-65). After the election of Abraham Lincoln, anti-slavery Republican, as a president in 1860 resulted in the seceding of seven southern states from the Union in order to form the Confederate States of America. Four more states joined them when the Civil War has inly started. Four years of conflict were connected to historic battles at Vicksburg, Bull Run (Manassas), Gettysburg, Antietam, and Chancellorsville, among others. The Civil War was also known as the War Between the States. It pitted neighbor against the neighbor and even brother against the brother. By the time the war ended in the Confederate surrender in 1865, this war has proved to be the costliest war ever happened on American soil, with 620,000 of 2.4 million people killed, millions injured and the territory and population of the South devastated.

Reaction to the movie is that it, as a matter of fact, is one of the best movies about the Civil War ever made. The cast is a star cast with immense adaptability and character. It gives a detailed overview of the whole turn of events that characterized the Civil War. The movie is a must-see; it outlines the main commanders of various battles that categorized the whole Civil War. The strange fact one can learn is that, disease was the main killer during the Civil War, taking the two men for everyone who was killed during battles. This was a strange fact one can learn. The other takeaway was a strange fact that; at the Battle of Antietam, Clara Barton was giving help to the wounded very close to the battle field that the bullet went through her sleeve killing a person she was giving help. This was an extremely sad part of the lesson and shows that despite untold stories, the war united the America.

Reaction 4 - Documentary on Lincoln and the Civil War

The Documentary depicts the life and mandate of the famous American President, Abraham Lincoln. It begins by stating that even as Lincoln became a president in March 1861, Confederates threatened the Fort Sumter in Charleston in South Carolina. On April 12, after the Lincoln’s order to resupply Sumter, Confederates starts the Civil War. Major Robert Anderson, Sumter's commander, surrendered after 2 days of bombardment and left the fort in hands of Confederates under Pierre G.T. Beauregard. 4 more southern states, which were Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Tennessee, joined Confederates after Fort Sumter. Other border states like Missouri, Maryland and Kentucky did not join them, but there was a lot Confederate sympathy among citizens of these states. The Reaction for this documentary is that Lincoln inherited America in a state of moving the time bomb. Southern and Northern states had inevitable tension; slave trade was vividly present and a reality. The aspect of dominion and sympathy to minority groups is also depicted and shown as something that defined the status quo.  There was no question as to why they did it. The documentary depicts the life of Lincoln and his timed advisors and trustees. It is a must-see video and journeys through initial stages and signs that led to the Civil War. It depicts themes of young men, who were American Patriots and had to go and fight, risk their lives and, as a matter of fact, some of them never understood what they were fighting for. They just had that general sense of pride, and the documentary depicts many themes of the bloodiest war on American soil. The strange take away was that; in November 1863, the President Lincoln was welcome to offer a "few appropriate remarks" during the opening of new Union cemetery in Gettysburg. It was fascinating that the main speaker, an orator from Massachusetts, was speaking for nearly two hours. However, Lincoln mentioned just 269 words in the Gettysburg Address. This was a clear depiction of the one of America’s greatest president. The documentary shows how he inculcated a zealous spirit in American people and this shows why it was easy for citizens to go to war, without fear of losing their lives or their families. Overall, this is extremely educative and breathtaking.

Reaction 1 to “American Civil War- Documentary” History channel by Tony Scott. Custom Reaction 1 to “American Civil War- Documentary” History channel by Tony Scott Essay Writing Service || Reaction 1 to “American Civil War- Documentary” History channel by Tony Scott Essay samples, help

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