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Director of Faculty and all protocols were observed. How do you do? My name is Sample Name. I am a graduate of this wonderful institution. Four years ago, I was sitting in one of the positions that you are sitting right now, listening to another student addressing us on college writing theme. Did I know that one day I will occupy his space and some students will be in my position? As freshmen, all of you are excited about being at the college. However, things are slightly different from that you have accustomed before.  College writing is the most exciting subject the that student can focus on, and today I will tell you how to go about it.

The primary stage in writing is checking the requirements of the paper. As a scholar, you need to understand the demands of a paper. The paper requirements may be to write an essay, a report, a term paper or a research paper. The requirements may also define the writing style or the referencing style. Referencing style is the format that you must follow. It may be APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard among others. Every paper has its own demands. The requirements may also demand that you observe grammar or present a plagiarism free paper. You also need to maintain formal writing style unless instructions say otherwise.

The second stage follows when you have the topic of the paper. The topic will help you to focus on your writing and direct to find books and other sources that you need to access. In most cases, the lecturers may provide the topics in different disciplines. Moreover, they may leave you on your own to create a topic and write your paper. In such case, you need to brainstorm, research or discuss with your friends various topics. Remember, the topics should be as specific as possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult  for you to write. After constructing a topic, you need to come up with an outline. An outline is the skeleton of your writing.  In most essays, it has the topic, introduction, body and conclusion.

Before any writing, you also have to read and understand the subject of your paper because you cannot just relax and expect to write a good paper. In fact, you need information from various sources including friends, lecturers, books and internet. From this information, you will understand how other writers use word and what they say. It will also give you an ample time to come up with the content. Most outlines are in point form.

The next step is to write. During the writing process, you need to consider all the important points. You will begin from the points that you are sure to the uncertain. You also have to organize your work in paragraphs and use simple sentences to explain your thoughts. You also have to consider the grammar, for instance, the punctuation marks, syntax, and subject verb agreement. During this stage, you should also pay attention to in-text citation styles. You must also consider the special jargon for the discipline. Every discipline has special words be sure to use them where relevant. Finally revise your work. Here, you will check for errors, change unsuitable structure, delete unwanted material and add the missing part. You can proof read after revising or give to a friend to do it for you before collecting it. Moreover, Microsoft Word has a proofreading tool that might help you to identify and to correct grammatical errors in your work.

Now, I hope you understand the process of writing a college paper. Remember to practice and observe all steps when writing. Thank, you for being patient during this session. I hope you have the confidence to meet what is ahead of you.

Reflective Essay. Custom Reflective Essay Essay Writing Service || Reflective Essay Essay samples, help

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