Bjurman exhibits power over Lisbeth in many ways. Bjurman tells Lisbeth that she is not going to take care of her finances any more after he became her new guardian. Bjurman exhibits power over her again when he rapes her and expects that no one would know it or even believe Lisbeth due to her mental condition. Having a hidden camera in her bag, Lisbeth uses the video to blackmail Bjurman into anything she wants. Lisbeth goes on to take her revenge by raping him back with a dildo.

Lisbeth was a victim of sexual crimes during her childhood. The experiences of her childhood lead to her development of hatred towards men. The hatred towards men further develops when her new guardian denies her freedom and goes ahead to rape her. The relationship with Mikael tries to change her attitude towards men, as she finds out there are good men. Later in the film, she is heartbroken by Mikael when she sees him walking happily with his longtime lover.  Towards the end of the movie, she looks at men on a better perspective. However, when she sees Mikael with his long-me lover, she is disappointed at him and she goes back to the attitude she has of men.

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When Mikael tries to show reason for Martin as a victim of a poor upbringing, Lisbeth is angered and tells him that Martin had the same chances as all the other people. Lisbeth tells him that Martin was responsible for his own mistakes. Lisbeth says that even if a person is a victim of a bad childhood, he is responsible of his future. Although the childhood of a person may affect his future, every person has same chances. Lisbeth is right to say that Martin was evil and woman hater.

The film is very difficult to watch even in comparison with other films on sexual crimes. The thing that makes the film so hard to watch is that it comprises of other crimes like murder together with equally disturbing crimes like rape. There is also a lot of child victimization, which tends to affect the children at a later age.  All the scenes of the film are disturbing, the scene where Bjurman rapes Lisbeth is disturbing as well as the scene where Lisbeth takes her revenge. However, the scene on revenge is less pitiful as it is about paying for the sins one has committed although it looks crueler.

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