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This essay provides the response to the video of an excerpt from the “Last Lecture” of Randy Pausch. In his speech, Randy Pausch touched one of the most significant questions of humankind: how to live the life the right way?

Randy starts his story with the explanation of the importance of achieving the childhood dreams, slightly moving to the things that are meaningful on the way to the dreams. He stresses, that the experiences that you get when you don’t get what you wanted, are even more beneficial and important than the dream itself. Thus, the person should appreciate and praise every moment of the life, striving for the better future.

Another interesting issue about the nature of life is showed through the example of Randy’s mother’s reaction to his complaints about the difficult PhD exams. The mother answered to her son: “We know how you feel, just remember, that when your father was of your age, he was fighting the Germans in World War II”. The example makes us feel that even in case of troubles one should remember that his situation is not the worst, that there are many people in worse circumstances, which should inspire and motivate in finding the strength to move forward.

Finally, Randy Pausch emphasizes on the value of people and personal relationships. He teaches to live in integrity trying to tell the truth, apologize for the mistakes and show gratitude even far small good things. Even though Randy accepts the imperfection of people, he calls to be patient and try to see the positive side of the coin as there is no complete evil.

This video teaches everyone to praise the life, to be positive and friendly, to value people over things and to use optimistic approach to every activity. Randy Pausch showed through his personal example, that in some cases, people are not able to change the circumstances, but they are capable of changing their attitudes to the problems. He was affected by pancreatic cancer and knew he was going to die, but he preferred to “play the game hard” rather than “spend the rest of his life complaining”.

Video Response. Custom Video Response Essay Writing Service || Video Response Essay samples, help

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