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What is the personality trait you wish to convey in your personal narrative?

I would like to portray myself as a voice of advocacy for the protection of the environment. My personality is ability to mobilize stakeholders to unite in may cause.

How does that trait appeal to the school or university you’ve chosen as your pretend application?

A visionary leadership trait will appeal to my chosen  university because the current global challenges call for visionary leadership. In this regard, the problem of conservation can be effectively tackled by a visionary person. In addition, the visionary character train is critical in setting personal goal. 

What is your overall goal is in this essay? What main idea you are conveying? What is your overall argument? What are you intending to convey to the audience about the yourself?

My overall goal in this essay is to portray the urgent need to conserve both environment and wild animals. In addition, I am showing my real dedication to the conservation of the environment. In this regard, I am requesting an opportunity to study environmental science at the university since this will go a long way in enabling me to accomplish my goals.

What, exactly, makes the story you’ve chosen to convey this overall argument original? What would be a less original way to convey that personality trait? How are you going to make sure you avoid that less original way?

My story is original since it talks about a real project which I do and also involves a trip which I took to the  zoo. In this regard, the trip to the zoo and participation in environmental conservation awareness campaign to make my argument original and appealing.  The less original way to convey personality that is to talk about a wishful story which lack practicality as well as originality. I make sure that I avoid less original way by concentrating on what I have done, what I do and what I plan to do in the future.

How can you open your essay without being too general—what can you do to make the opening interesting, set the scene, and focus on your particular story rather than life in general? (For example, you don’t want to open with “Everyone has a teacher that makes a strong impact.” Instead, you might open with “I was nervous, and my hands were trembling as I walked up to the front of Mr. Walters’s class. I knew my voice was going to tremble, too, the moment I began to speak, but when I got to the front and turned around, Mr. Walters …)

I commence my story by stating how amazing it was to visit the zoo when I was eight years old. Animal watching and the zoo experience captivate most people and I have attempted to include the zoo visit in my opening sentences. I narrow down the story of the family day out to the zoo.  

Think about the structure of your essay: Will you go in direct chronological order? Will you move forward and backward in time?  What element of the story will you focus on the most? How will you transition from the story to the impact it has had on you? How will you end?

My story follows a chronological orders beginning from the time I last went to the zoo on a family trip followed by the next revisit when I discovered the magnitude of human destruction that led to the land barrenness where the zoo was located. From this, I learn the challenges facing environmental conservation as we move to a prosperous future. At some instances, I revisit the past (dinosaurs) to vividly bring out the plight of causing destruction today. My experiences shaped my desire to find solution to protect Mother Nature.

How will you end the essay? Will you go back to discussing the scene you set in the opening? Will you convey a sense of the future? Will you tell what happened after?

I end my essay by recalling the childhood experiences that made me see the sense of protecting the animals. I recognize the damages caused and voices of reason aimed at protecting the environment for the future generations.

Experience Essay: Intervention Worksheet. Custom Experience Essay: Intervention Worksheet Essay Writing Service || Experience Essay: Intervention Worksheet Essay samples, help

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