Reaction to the Poem Mending Wall by Robert Frost

The poem Mending Wall by Robert Frost illustrates how people in the society should always be able to interact with each other and not only when there are problems to be solved. It shows the wall between the neighbors’ as an unnecessary barrier that people have chosen to protect their properties, which are unlikely to be invaded.

Frost, in his poem Mending walls, observes how differ people’s ideas about the same issue (being a good neighbor) and tries to show the incongruity of the fence. He tells of winter and frost as if attempting to spoil the wall, which can also be viewed as the disagreements people are normally involved in. In the society, there are many factors that lead to rifts created by the community dwellers, which, in turn, breaks the cohesion among them. The author, thus, illustrates that there is no need of these divisions since they just keep us away from each other and, thus, reduce the chances of our free interaction. The narrator points out that, instead of erecting the barriers, it would be better to live in an open society without hiding from each other.

In the poem Mending Wall, the cooperative maintenance of the wall represents the process of reconciliation to signify the unity of the community. The author tells us that, ironically, it is the narrator who he initiates the process of mending the wall, though this border is unnecessary; while his neighbor seems to be not so tied to the tradition of fence-repairing.  This proves that, despite the fact that the narrator is skeptical towards the wall-mending, both he and his neighbor are willing to build it. This, on one hand, will develop their relationship and maintain their individuality, on the other hand.

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