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“Work/Life Balance” Revisions. Custom “Work/Life Balance” Revisions Essay Writing Service || “Work/Life Balance” Revisions Essay samples, help

1.1.Research limitations

The limitations of the study lie in the sample size and homogeneity. To take into consideration all the aspects and gain a full understanding of research results, it is crucial to examine the company’s policies regarding work-life balance. The attitudes can only be examined knowing the executive managers’ attitude towards flexible working hours, policies regarding absence because of family commitments and promoting a healthy lifestyle. A further examination is needed in order to adjust the results and draw consequences. For example, within a company, without any allowances for dependent illness the satisfaction level is going to be lower, while if the organization does promote healthy life choices and provides flexibility, the satisfaction level will be higher. When analyzing the measures, it is crucial to take into consideration the personal circumstances of participants, as well. Therefore, in the questionnaire, we need to include further sample questions. The additional questions for the sample would be:

-        length of service with Company Z

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-        career level

-        education

-        distance from workplace

-  &nsp;     number of people in the household

-        whether or not there are parental responsibilities

-        the transport used to commute to work

-        whether or not participants complete overtime

-        further employment.

Finally, it is important to establish how participants at different levels of employment rate the company’s policies and initiatives regarding flexible working and work-life balance. For this question, further information is needed from the executive team, to be able to review the current procedures and practices. Without knowing the details, is is not possible to correctly evaluate the answers provided.

1.2.Research instruments revision

To ensure participants’ anonymity, it is important to use a specific website for the study. It is a well known fact that workplace surveys have a low answer rate, as employees are concerned about confidentiality. Therefore, instead of distributing the questionnaire to participants’ email address, it is possible to create a dedicated website using a simple ACCESS database or  survey software, where employees only have to answer survey questions, personal details are not required. The selection of employees would be coordinated by an appointed employee within the company, who will seek consent from the management and distribute the link.

1.3.Research methodology revision

We are going to use a combination of an experimental research method involving independent variables (personal circumstances, age, sex and length of service) and opinion based research methods. The data collected regarding work-life balance is subjective and will be quantified to enable us to carry out simple analysis. We will quantify answers using a numerical scale set for each question individually. This way determining the connection between circumstances and the aspects of work-life balance will be simple.

1.4.Research questions revised

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a,Determine the level of differentiation between different genders and groups based on length of service, level of employment and family commitment regarding work-life balance satisfaction.

b, Identifying the role of technology in work-life balance (influences and impacts of using telecommunication, Internet and distance working opportunities)

c, The appreciation level of the company’s initiatives to promote work-life balance (differentiation based on non-variable quantitative)

d, The group’s views on the main sources of work-life imbalance.

“Work/Life Balance” Revisions. Custom “Work/Life Balance” Revisions Essay Writing Service || “Work/Life Balance” Revisions Essay samples, help

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