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Print media continue to remain viable irrespective of the invasion as well as popularity of electronic media. People have known the importance of reading, which make print media stay on. Print media will remain in business even when the world tries going paperless for various reasons.

  1. Information.  Print media are leading at information dissemination. Development of Internet has enabled print media to broadcast breaking issues in minutes of their occurrence.
  2. Entertainment. Print media command a segment in the entertainment world. Columns of humor, feature stories, comics etc.
  3. Advertising. This is passing details about products and services from the manufacturers to target consumers with an aim of influencing readers to buy the advertised products.
  4. Print media are persuasive. Print media have the greatest influencing power to change people's attitude on world occurrences.

Reasons as to why Print Media is Doomed

First, high levels of inaccuracies. The inaccuracy level realized is greater even when public has original information of a news story in print media than in electronic media. Secondly, mistakes that are often left are not rectified. Print media organizations jobs' contain mistakes during reporting. The last one is the low coverage of vital issues (Kelvin, 2006). The issues that affect daily lives and world at large receive little attention in print media. 

Shock marketing

It can have shocking as well as offensive effects for various reasons. It should, therefore, be not legalized for the following reasons.

1.         Shocking adverts usually evoke stronger emotions among the users.

2.         Shocking advert element may also mean usage of improper and indecent language

3.         Shocking adverts may include neglect for tradition, practice or law e.g. nasty sexual backings, defiance of social or moral ethics e.g.  Brutality or even nudity (Joshi, 2006).

Why Shock Marketing should remain legal

A shocking element in an advert largely steps up attention, assists memory and influences behavior more positively. Adverts with shocking elements may be easy to remember by users than ones that do not have. Shocking pictures may also influence the manner in which consumers think about a brand and the product quality positively (Clancy, 2000).


Print Media. Custom Print Media Essay Writing Service || Print Media Essay samples, help

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