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Philosophers often involve themselves in several activities, in their field of specialization. Some of the roles of philosophers today have contributed massively to the knowledge bank and academics as a whole. Philosophers look at arguments in an attempt to see whether the arguments prove whet the arguer claims that the argument proves. For example, if someone says that this object is a table, a philosopher will want to know the reasons why the individual makes that claim. The philosopher will then try to analyze the credibility of the reasons that the individual gives.

Philosophers also uncover assumptions in existing theories. For example, an individual may argue that the elements in the artistic work of IKEA are not art. This individual has made assumptions in this statement. Philosophers will make efforts to uncover and question such assumptions to ensure maximum clarity. Philosophers do not attempt to do away with the assumptions. Their objective is to show the credibility in the assumptions.

Philosophers also analyze concepts. For example, a philosopher may question why something exists in a certain state. For instance, a philosopher may want to know what makes something delicate, sad, happy, beautiful, or exciting. Philosophers conduct a full analysis of a concept, in terms of the content and historical analysis of the concept.

Philosophers also build theories. For example, Arthur Danto, a philosopher, came up with a theory that defines art. He has developed this theory for a period of 25 years. The theory is currently among the most influential theories in the philosophy of art. In building the theories, a philosopher has to collect adequate information on the concept in the theory.

Among the above roles of philosophers, the most interesting role is that of building theories. The current world is experiencing several innovations. People have asked many questions on upcoming issues. There is a need for philosophers to come out and build theories that explain some of these new developments. As much as the other roles are exiting, the act of coming up with new theories is vital because it contributes to the bank of knowledge of the academic world (Young, 2005).

Assessment of the Role of Building Theories

An assessment of the building theories as a role of philosophers clearly shows that philosophers have not concentrated on the role in recent years. The past few years have seen philosophers indulge in criticism of existing theories and assumptions. The attention that philosophers have put in coming up with theories has not been sufficient.

Philosophers. Custom Philosophers Essay Writing Service || Philosophers Essay samples, help

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