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Soren Kierkegaard wrote on Fear and Trembling (1986) using the pseudonym Johannes de Silentio. The name Johannes de Silentio that was chosen by Kierkegaard meant John of Silence. It is not easy to understand why he choose this names  but some of the reasons include, faith which means that it cannot be understood verbally.  A person, who possesses faith, can be able to seclude himself from other people in the society and remain silent.  Finally it was an allusion of a Grimm’s fairytale which was called The Faithful Servant. The final reason is is thought to be the main reason as to why Kierkegaard chose the name John de Silentio.

To Silentio he defined faith is not being able to verbally explain it and it is subjective. Threfore an individual who has faith should be silent in regards to his faith and not everyone should know whare he or she stands in regards to faith. He demonstrated using the story of Abraham and Isaac in the Bible, Silentio explained that there was nothing that could have been told to Abraham by anyone and he be convinced that scarifying of Isaac his only son was a wrong act. Also the reason that Abraham kept it a secret to Sarah her wife of the sacrifice of their son, therefore Abraham is hero of faith and not a for him to back away.

As Abraham cannot be telling of his faith to other people, he becomes alienated from the other people in the society; this alienation of Abraham from the other people was another form of high faith. Still using the story of Abraham and Isaac, an individual cannot go and confide to others that he has been commanded by God to kill their child. No one can believe to this as this is a bad act and also going against the laws of human justice and also the laws of the land. Therefore as he cannot be able to inform anyone he therefore alienates himself from others including his closest friends. The main distinction of man in the book is on ethical or moral grounds and religion. They are what define a man from the others, a man of faith is different in all his ways, his ethics are straight and prefers purity.

One must also be ready by faith to sacrifice what is they consider best for them, kike Abraham did by being willing to sacrifice his only son. Silentio was willing to sacrifice his name and also the human life for the sake of his faith. The issue of faith requires an individual to have a very strong relationship with their maker. Not the faint hearted can be able to achieve this, it requires a strong man like Abraham was. This is the main essence of religion which is faith, according to Silentio

The Nietzchean to him he was against most of the beliefs on propagated by Judeo-Christians especially on the issues to do with morals. He believed that Christianity inverted the meaning of the moral way of defining good and evil. Nietzsche criticized the basis of believing and arguments on morality which purely rely on modernity premise, thus it is defined in a method that is inverted and tends to favour the weak and works in promoting the interests of the weak at the cost of those who are noble and strong. In Nietzsche advanced that Judaism inverted the values of morality before the coming of Christianity, Judaism created an illusion it is good to be weak and being strong is evil. 

Faith and Religion. Custom Faith and Religion Essay Writing Service || Faith and Religion Essay samples, help

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