Dualists also subscribe to the fact that the mind can exist separately from the body. When an individual sleeps, the mind is able to form dream while the body is still resting. If the body could be integrated with the mind, it could be hard for the brain to function while the body is asleep. Moreover, the body can be injured; it suffers while the brain itself does not suffer. It continues to function normally even after the injury. However, if the human body was one entity with the mind, then both of them would share the suffering which is not always the case.

The proposition of the physicalism can be supported against the backdrop of the dualists. The mind for example, is not capable of making meaning if it is detached completely from the body. Although the concept that the mind can function on its own without the body, this evidence can be disregarded on the ground that, the meaning of the function and the activities of the mind is dependent on the body. The mind explains the body. In this case, if the mind is an entity of its own, then it could e impossible for it to understand bodily functions as well as characteristics.

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In a nutshell, the issues addressed by the physicalists and the dualists revolve around the existentialism of both the mind and the body. The body as perceived by the physicalists houses the mind which makes it an integral part of body. They claim that the mind is totally dependent on the body. To them, the mind cannot exist outside the body. The dualists on the other end claim that the mind and the body are two different entities capable of existing on their own. An example of the mind dreaming is given as an example.

The brain is not the mind. According to Christians, the body and the mind are different. The body can die but the mind remains. Dualism therefore from my point of view seems to gain an upper hand as compared to the physicalism in different ways. First, the physicalists seem to use the reductionism way to back up their arguments. They limit the arguments to movements alone. Furthermore, when we explain reality of the mind to conform to the physical reality, then some significant metaphysical meaning will be lost. An action of a human being for instance cannot be explained alone using the physical reality. For example, anger, love, hate which are abstracts held by the mind cannot be translated to be physical.

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