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The most pressing issue in the present society is the negative impact the technology has had on society and morals as a whole. It is notable to say that life has changed by a massive margin over the past 2 decades that have seen a leap in the level of technology. People have often looked at the developments in technology as a positive influence to life and entertainment. For example, out of technology, transport has become efficient and cheap. Production has also increased in companies because of the automation of production processes. However, people tend to forget the many negative impacts that technology has had on social ties, security, employment, morality, and education. For example, the innovations of social networks such as twitter and Face book have increased the level of electronic theft. These social sites require users to provide personal details such as their occupations, residences and other vital details that attackers use to threaten users.

Immorality has also increased drastically in the recent years because of a number of reasons. For instance, the gap between parents and children has increased in the present society because of reluctance of parents to take responsibility of the welfare of their children. This has allowed children to have the freedom to indulge in unacceptable activities such as premarital sex and drug abuse. The other factor that has contributed to the degradation in moral behavior is the easy access to pornographic literature by the youth. Before the innovation of internet, the government has succeeded in prohibiting access to pornographic material by children below 18 years. However, with the era of internet, children can access any pornographic material such as pictures, literature and videos on phones and computers.  This has been a massive setback in the quest to instill positive morals among the youth. Recent research has indicated that the vice is becoming common among married couples. In an attempt to fight boredom in marriages, partners resolve to watch pornographic videos in private. This is a moral vice that is not acceptable to the society.

Immorality is a core issue in society today because we can clearly see its effects on media and news all over the world. The number of people losing lives out of AIDs has increased, which is an indicator of moral decadence. Similarly, young people are also dying because of drug-related complications.

Governments need to come up with education programs that teach students on the consequences of immorality and the need to uphold positive societal morals. The church should also come in and make efforts to improve family ties between parents and their children. These recommendations need immediate attention from the responsible groups. There is a need to contain the vice and its consequences before the situation go out of control.

Political philosophy appears to be the most interesting because of its effect on governance systems. Political philosophy attempts to question cities, judicial systems, the rights of people and liberty. Present governance systems have had many challenges and shortcomings such as corruption and social and political injustices. Violation of the rights of people has been on the rise in the past few years. Political philosophers are vital in this context because they tend to act as political watchdogs to the governance systems such as the presidency, the judiciary and the parliament. Political philosophers have often come out to criticize the government in times when government decisions have been questionable. Political philosophers have also been vital in coming up with theories that explain the different governance systems that governments pursue in the world.

Pressing Moral Issues in Society Today. Custom Pressing Moral Issues in Society Today Essay Writing Service || Pressing Moral Issues in Society Today Essay samples, help

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