The Beauty and Charm

Many of the people in the gathering and the town know the sinful woman for her beauty and the charm that she has. Despite the attributes the people know, she is capable of identifying the Lord and the appropriate behavior whilst in his presence in order to receive healing or favor from the Lord. The host, Simon, is surprised at what she is doing since he knows what she is capable of.

Woman (wisdom) is honored and will be praised

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Jesus appreciates the efforts that the woman puts forth during his stay at Simon’s place. Dignitaries were present at the party and will go informing other people of the activities that transpired at the party. Most of this information will be wide spread and anyone who will be entering the city will hear of the incident. Praise will come as a result of getting honor despite the company of dignitaries there. For once someone who is of their own kind or perhaps of a lower standard will be elevated beyond the ones who claim to be the cream of the city.

Woman (wisdom) fears the lord and hates evil

In the case of the sinful woman, she seeks salvation due to her fear of perishing with her evil deeds. Her resolution to win the heart of Jesus Christ to take away her sins and her humility in front of the Lord shows that indeed she does not view him like the regular men she uses her charm on. Fear at times is exposed though change in behavior to what is expected in the presence of authority.

Wisdom should be preferred to gold and silver

In her wicked ways the sinful woman got her payments which in this case can be related to gold and silver which are the units of exchange held, most preciously. When she seeks salvation, she indicates the importance of wisdom in the ways of God is better than any material possession that we can have in the world. That is the reason why puts aside her wicked ways that really pay to receive Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior.

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Those who find wisdom find life

Finding life is a fresh beginning to what we do and think in this and the world to come. The sinful woman shunned her life and decided to open another chapter of her life, life in Jesus Christ. In Christianity, we regard life in Jesus Christ as the life complete in every single way. Finding Jesus through the activities described to be wise is what gave her new life after she was cleansed of all her sins. In this case Jesus termed as wisdom

Those who follow his ways and listen to her (wisdom) instruction will be favored

In the excerpt from Luke, Jesus gives instruction to the sinful woman as well as the visitor who were there at the party. He instructs her and she is to follow his example as a role model and she will have favor from God. Jesus is the role model for Christians.

Wisdom was constantly at his side

In relation to Luke, it shows that Jesus indeed sits at the right hand of the father (God).

Wisdom was made before the creation of the earth and watched as God made it

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In the book of Luke, the excerpt, the Pharisees wonder how he could forgive sins. In relation to Proverbs 8, Jesus existed even before the creation of life and everything on earth. This exonerates him from the rest of us and sets in as a divine being capable of doing things that are beyond our understanding and comprehension.


The two excepts give different analogies of wisdom in relation to the story of Jesus and the sinful woman. In one instance we can establish wisdom as per the activities of the woman. In the other, divinity is invoked and the element of superiority and authority over us is vividly described. Wisdom is therefore used in different context to depict different things, the activities in Proverbs 31:10-31 are directly connected to the behavior and activities that the woman does. In the other case, that is , Proverbs 8, the comparison that is brought out despite the personification to a woman is Jesus Christ Himself.

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