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The work place condition goes a long way in affecting the quality of services rendered by employees. Therefore, it is important that a company’s top management creates suitable working condition which motivates employees to perform well in their duties. The poor performance of some employees of the DMD medical supplies emanate from improper distribution of responsibilities to employees within the company. Thus is evidenced by the fact that employees with similar responsibilities appear to have different workloads. Ruth Disselkoen and Jack Snyder are assigned equal duties but of the two, Ruth is faced with more duties. This is because Ruth receives minimal assistance from the part-time administrative assistance who worked for only 15 hours a month. On the other hand, Jack received more help from the assistant who worked full-time. The disparity in the working hours of the assistants resulted to poor performance by Ruth (McCarthy, 1998).

The human resource of DMD medical services ought to ensure that work is equally distributed among all employees. This should be done by putting in place strategies that help maintain high quality service delivery by employees. The management should develop structures that ensure that employees resting time is well defined. Further, replacements of employees who are off duty for any reason should be established. To accomplish the stated strategy, the human resource manager Liz Jakowski should hire more employees. This will ensure that whenever employees require rest, others will be available to carry out various responsibilities. In addition, the administrative assistants should be assigned full time duties in all the company’s departments.  This will ensure that duties delegated to Ruth and Jack is same. This will help achieve employees’ satisfactions as well as good quality service delivery.  The implementation of these strategies will require that I, as the managers participate through monitoring the service delivery of junior employees. This will be done through providing feedback to employees in relation to employees. Finally, I as the managers will come up with strategies aimed at motivating good performance by all employees (McCarthy, 1998).   

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