Pharisee’s House

Proverbs provides a profound comparison and derived meaning for wisdom that is indeed a referral to many. Interestingly, it compares wisdom to a WOMAN. Note that the interest is not in the gender selection but rather in other texts that compare the opposite, evil, to a bad woman. The attributes of a wise person are brought out through the activities that a woman who pleases her husband does. With that in mind, Proverbs 31:10-31 describes the daily activities that you would expect from a woman. In the other context, that is, Proverbs 8, Wisdom is directly compared to a woman and personalized for that matter. In is except, the attributes of wisdom are brought out through the woman and what she does and does not do.

In Luke 7:35-50 we are exposed to a scenario where Jesus is invited to a Pharisee’s house. A sinful woman is described to wet and kiss Jesus’ feet and wiped them with her hair and expensive perfume. Direct reading from the text shows that Jesus showed more honor and recognition for the woman at his feet. What do we learn, now that Jesus compared what she did to what the man Simon did? This article will dwell in comparing the texts from Proverbs to the excerpt from Proverbs in comparative terms.

Woman (Wisdom) as having value and bringing good all the time

As adapted from Proverbs, it can be compared to the actions of the woman in Luke. Simon terms the woman as having no value based on her actions in the past that he is familiar with. On the other hand, Jesus views the woman as a person of value perhaps as deducted from the parable he used, more than Simon himself whose actions in the eyes of everyone makes him nobler than the woman. Jesus says that the woman will love him more due to the debt that he will forgive her for. He removes harm and shame in what she does giving it a definite comparison to Wisdom in Proverbs.

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