Women' s Wisdom

In Proverbs an investment is described as the activity of the woman identifying a field and buying it out of her own saving for a useful purpose, in that case planting a vineyard. Investments as in everyday living are risk taking activities. The Sinful woman took a risk by even going to Jesus in the first place because as Simon pointed out he should have rejected her. From her savings which indeed have to reflect a rather hard sacrifice, she uses her hair which for women is valuable as well as her perfume. It is a risk that is indeed a risky one considering her place in society.

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Woman (wisdom) as vigorous and successful

Vigor is revealed in the way one does her work. As Jesus describes it, since he entered the room where he was hosted, the woman was crying and washing her with her hair. If it cleaning that she intended, that would easily suffice, but she went ahead to apply expensive perfume as well as kissing his feet. Considering the normal conditions of feet, kissing for most us would be a no go zone. Perfume is not applied to the feet, regardless of her knowledge of this; she goes ahead and does it to achieve her goal which was to please Jesus to forgive her sins. The assumption is based on the fact of what she did in profession and her beauty. Beauty is based on knowing what to apply and the right elements that go in their respective places.

Woman (wisdom) helps the needy

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Jesus expresses to Simon that indeed he needed to wash his feet but Simon was not conscious enough to recognize the need that he had at that time. The need described in this case was washing his feet. The sinful woman recognizes the need and fulfills them to the satisfaction of the master or the person in need in this case Jesus.

Woman (wisdom) is vast in strength and dignity

Often we are encountered with the circumstance of talking in public. How different would it be if we are the laughing stalk of the whole town or area? The sinful woman is known to all guests and yet she goes ahead to come in their midst with her aim in mind being to cleans the feet of Jesus Christ. She does not exchange words with Jesus but gives him proper respect bringing out dignity.

Woman (wisdom) does noble and things that put her above the rest

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It is ordinary to just seat like everyone else and enjoy the delicacy that comes at the party. Who thinks of cleaning the guest’s feet. Moreover using tears and kissing them and using expensive perfume for which no monetary compensation is expected. Nobility comes out very clear in this. Jesus elevates her above the host who indeed is the man of the show due to a very simple yet humble activity that she does whilst the host is concerned with impressing everyone with the meal and accompanying delicacies.

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