Types of Service Dogs

This document explores the various types of service dogs including   police assistant dogs, fire assistant dogs, therapy dogs, and seizure dogs. There are various breeds of service dogs and this depends on the choice of individuals and the kind of work they are to perform. The document continues to explain the various advantages of certifying service dogs including allowing handlers to enter even in dog- restricted places.  It finally explains the steps taken to train and certify service dogs. This enables handlers to know what to do and how to direct the dogs.

Service dogs are types of dogs which are always trained to help people in different ways, for instance to assist in medical conditions and help in carrying life support facilities such as oxygen tanks and first aid kits. Some even assist in retrieving lost items, help people dress and open doors. They are sometimes sent to shops and help in receiving calls. Generally most people depend on the service dogs for different purposes.

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Types of Service Dogs

Police assistants are dogs used by police in their daily guarding services. They assist them in duties such as sniffing and retrieving lost items and tracing lost or hidden items. They also help to detect drugs and other harmful products. They are also capable of detecting harms from a distance.

Fire assistant dogs are dogs that alert the handler in case of fire breakout in certain places. They also assist sniffing and detecting victims hence bring to their rescue.

Search and Rescue assistant dogs are mostly used by police and security guards to rescue people at times of calamities. They sniff and assist the police find and rescue the victims.  

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Customs & Border Protection assistant dogs are used to protect boundaries and borders of different countries. They assist in preventing illegal goods from getting inside countries. They also have the ability to detect distant harms within the borders.  

Therapy dogs are assistant dogs trained to give people comfort especially those in hospitals, disabled school, old aged people, orphans, and those with learning problems. They are trained to be human friendly.  Usually they are always medically checked within short intervals to avoid any illness due to closeness to people.

Seizure alert dogs are used by their handlers to inform and alert them on the coming seizures and responding to them. In case of any problem they stay with their handlers until help arrives (Petjoy, 2008).

Physical assistance dogs help people pick their keys in case they have dropped them down, open door, drawers, fridges, and even pay bills. They are mostly used by physically disabled people due to the fact that they are always weak and could not afford bending most of the times.

Military assistant dogs are used by the military to safeguard their bases, detect bombs and other explosives before explosion (Miles, 2012). They always have capability of detecting even swallowed explosives.

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Autism services dogs are trained to alert handlers on certain behaviors. They assist their handlers to become reasonable people in the society because they help them in case of strange behaviors.

Hearing dogs assist those who have hearing problems. They assist them know when they have phone calls, alarms, crying babies, and strange sounds that cannot reach their handlers. In schools, they assist them follow their lessons.

Mobility dogs assist handlers to open doors and disabled to walk from place to place and even to balance themselves. Their support makes the disabled know that they are not discriminated in the society (TMA Service Dogs Canada, 2010).

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