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It is no secret that America is land of the free and of immense opportunity, a land where dreams come true. In martin Luther king jnr’s speech at the Lincoln memorial Washington DC in 1963, he admonished of his dream of equality of all the people in America, he says “we hold these truths to self evident that all men are equal”. He dreamed of an America free of injustice, where “even the state of Mississippi, a state swelting with heat of injustice, swelting with the heat of oppression, will be an oasis of freedom and justice.” He had a dream of a discrimination free country. A country of togetherness where all Americans, be it sons of former slaves and sons of slave masters could sit down in one table (Kuypers 2009).

The American dream of 1960’s has slightly changed, although the basics are still the same. In  an interview of my mother. The issue of equality is still at the core of her American dream. She dreams of a country where there will be full equality, where women are paid at par with their counterparts in the same profession, where women are given the same employment opportunities and a dream of a country where materialism and money holds less importance to spending time with family.

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In my own perception, the American dream is still the same as that of the 1960’s. I dream of a country where there will be economic prosperity to every individual which is the same as Martin Luther’s complain of poverty of the black Americans in a country of immense resources. Also, I have a dream of a free society with the freedom of expression and the right to live without discrimination, and of a country with improved social integration (Kuypers 2009).

There is no much difference between the American dream of the 1960’s and that of today. The core values of equality, togetherness as brothers and sisters and justice are still the same. The major difference comes in through change of circumstances, through emerging issues like family values verses materialism and equality between men and women.

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