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Imagine leaving in a place that has polluted air and environment. How will you enjoy your life? How do you help conserve our environment? What can you do to save the situation caused by the deepwater horizon oil spill at the Gulf of Mexico?  

The oil spillage at the Gulf of Mexico was very disastrous as you know, and it had massive effects on the environment. Water has several uses to people on earth, and there is a need to find solution to the spillage disaster, which polluted water at the Gulf of Mexico. I believe you understand that if you are not affected directly, you are affected indirectly because the effect of the spillage affected the entire America in one way or the other. Therefore, it is important for us to come up with an immediate solution in order for the Americans to continue enjoying their lives.

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Imagine a scenario where you have no water to drink, wash your clothes, take shower, wash your car, clean your house, and use it for other purposes. How would you survive? It is truly difficult to survive without water even for a single day. The spillage took three months and the problem is not solved up to now; the people who relied on that water for their use are still suffering because no permanent solution has been established. The animals like crocodiles, hippopotamus, fish and many others that depended on that water for their lives are destroyed and there is no more fresh breeze that was enhanced by the Gulf.

I know there is the need for financial support and help for people suffering from this disaster but we are not asking you for that. The only favor we are asking from you is that you shave your hair and donate it to the involved parties so that they may combine it with the other collected hairs in order to mop up the oil from the Gulf in order to provide permanent solution to the people and animals that depend on the water. I really hope that you will lend your support to help a brother and a sister suffering due to the lack of clean water. Thank you in advance.

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