Angelou Maya

Despite the harsh political, economic and social conditions upon which they were raised, the strong willed women neither despaired nor yielded to the prevailing ills perpetrated against them by men. They were determined to rise up and take their rightful civil positions in the great nation of America as alluded in the “Still I Rise”. They never sat back and let male dominion control all spheres of their lives. Angelou Maya portray women as the agents of change in the American civil society so to write. They struggled relentlessly to change the course of the United States of America from the past slave-driven state to a liberal state it is today.

During the period of women-led revolution across the United States of America, women proved that they were not a weaker sex as history imprinted upon their gender. They fought hard against all historic odds, prejudices, gender-based misconceptions and discrimination to the bitter end. “Still I Rise” is categorical that the strong willed women fighters will press on until they emerged victors without yielding to their perpetrators and enemies of change. “You may shoot me with your words….cut me with your eyes…kill me with your hatefulness…but I will rise,” (Maya, p. 34). Against the expectation of their male chauvinists, women considered themselves a real force whose revolutionary synergies could not die out but override all kinds of historical injustices. At the end of their struggle, women had an outstanding victory to celebrate: the institutional strongholds of slavery were all brought down thus liberating all women across the United States of America.

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Currently, women are a special force and undying source of power in their own right just like the poet illustrates in a “Phenomenal Woman”. The society is therefore under an obligation to appreciate and admire the physical beauty of the “phenomenal woman” in America and any other part of the world. They have also gained the much desired public and social status they once fought for in full. As pointed out in the “Phenomenal Woman”, the present day American men have learnt the delicate art of respecting women above themselves in the society. The poet further goes on to add that the present “phenomenal woman” is not only highly esteemed for her physical beauty and elegance, but also for mysterious inner strength. A combination of charisma, intellect, mannerism, self-conceptualization, self-esteem and style characterize women in the American society. They now entitled to privileges and freedom just like their male counterparts.

In conclusion, women are applauded for the war they stepped up to liberate themselves from the bondage of slavery that marred the American society between 19th and 20th Centuries. During this period, they were regarded as slaves and less fortunate members of the society that could only stay back at home or work on the farms. Through series of incessant struggles they staged against their male oppressors, they are now at liberty in the modern societies as depicted in the poems of Angelou Maya.

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