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I recently read this article written in the standard newspaper on 7th December 2011 known as “Who will rescue lost generation of non- reading ignoramuses?” (Kariuki 15). It paints a really grim picture of today’s youth and the current negative reading culture portrayed by the young people of today. The writer persuades his audience by using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence to argue his case.

  1. ATTENTION: the writer calls attention to notable figures in the baby boomer generation i.e. bill and Hillary Clinton to attract the concentration of the readers
  2. NEED: the article addresses itself to the dire need for a positive reading culture among the youth of today. The writer expresses fear that the world might be raising logical zombies addicted to the internet for every piece of little information they need.
  3. SATISFACTION: the article asserts that through reading, the youth can break the cycle of indulgence in alcohol and mood-altering substances among other vices inseparable from the youth of today.
  4. VISUALIZATION: with a reading generation the writer is hopeful that the young generation can sustain a rational national discourse by soberly  discussing real issues and voting for deserving leaders
  5. ACTION: In the last chapter the article calls for all nations to take action to encourage readership among little ones to avoid the tragedy that awaits the earth if the current generation of non- reading youth inherits it.

As I read through the article from the Problem issue as Kariuki explains what is wrong with the current status, the Plan issue as he mentions the way out of the status quo and finally the Practicality issue when he cites raising a generation of zombies, I could not argue in the negative. I believe that this is a legitimate problem and that everyone living today should actually try and educate at least one youth to pick up books and read widely.

Persuasive Speaking. Custom Persuasive Speaking Essay Writing Service || Persuasive Speaking Essay samples, help

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