People should embrace organ donation. They have instead chosen to make assumptions that a lot of things must be done before one qualifies to be a donor. Those who qualify also have difficulties in accepting to undergo surgery so as to get the organ. A lot of people fear death; unfortunately, most people associate surgery with death. We should eliminate these fears and have it in mind that people need our help in order for them to live, and they too would not want to die. The fear of sacrificing so much of their time as they get tested to find out if you are eligible to donate should not arise. The time you spend watching television or chatting with friends can be foregone. Let us not focus on the negative side, but look at the advantages. That month or two that one will spend resting away from work and other daily activities as you recover. The surgery should not scare anyone since the story behind will earn more blessings (Anderson 78).

Age should not be a limit since anyone can donate, for those below eighteen years just need their parental consent and they can go ahead and become donors. We sincerely, have no excuse as to why we cannot be donors. Donate that organ, one kidney can function very well just us they can when they are two.

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With the increased intake, in foods with chemicals conditions that previously were not common have now become more conspicuous. Kidney and heart diseases have remarkably increased over the years leading to an increased need of transplants. As we become old, these organs keep wearing out hence there is the need to replace them in case they totally get damaged. This happens mainly to an organ, not all of them, therefore, life can continue when one undergoes a replacement. The heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, intestines, and pancreas can be replaced when they become dysfunctional. All these organs are important for people, and both the recipient and the donor continue living, apart from the heart that can only be donated by a dead person the rest can be donated by anyone. Giving one of your kidneys, lungs, and a part of your intestines will cause no harm to your body (Brown 12).

Expenses incurred on transplants should not raise any concern among donors since the recipient takes care of everything. The donor only avails himself for the surgery, and any medication needed after the surgery the recipient incurs the cost. The lack of funds should not scare people away from becoming donors since the donor does not need to have money for them to be of help.

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