Persuasion by Jane Austin

The Chapter 23 of the book Persuasion by Jane Austin is grounded on the basis of love as this is evident in the scene in which Anne discusses love with Captain Harville, while the other character, Captain Wentworth, gets involved into writing a love letter, though being in the background. Through the conversation, Anne seems to have been speaking to Captain Wentworth and not necessarily to Captain Harville as it may seem. In the beginning, it is very well obvious that Captain Harville seemed thoughtful and not willing to talk, though he could, however, not keep away from hearing the discussion that had been going on.

The conversation is mainly centered on the need of the open-hearted communication. There seems to be an urgent necessary for young people to receive what they want. However, such consent would not be given a while ago, though Mrs. Musgrove has been persuaded to think that such a thing might work very well. The discussion is also attended o with great humor and some sensible interjections by Mrs. Croft. However, in spite of humor, Anne thinks that the gentlemen are being too self-occupied to pay attention to the discussion.

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Another indication that Anne seemed to talk to Captain Wentworth is due to the fact she desired to have him back. Previously, she had broken the engagement with Captain Wentworth since he was poor during those days, yet her parents did not want her to be married to a poor man. However, by this time, Captain Wentworth’s situation has improved financially. During the discussion, Anne is also startled to find Wentworth nearer than she has supposed. Additionally, the falling of the pen signified that Wentworth was no longer writing, but listening to the discussion.

Why Captain Wentworth Can’t Speak Himself

Captain Fredrick Wentworth, a naval officer, who had a short-term engagement with Anne few years ago, is a man who had no affluence coupled with vague prospects. However, with many successes in Napoleon’s wars, Captain Wentworth’s state of affairs seems to have significantly enhanced. With regard to this particular scene, Captain Wentworth could not speak himself due to the fact that he had been occupied with writing.

Additionally, considering that the conversation was more or less related to engagements, Captain Wentworth seemed to be without words. This is mainly because the conversation touched the issue of engagements; he had been previously engaged to Anne. He also seemed to be quite bitter with Anne, after she had broken their engagement. However, he still loves her.  

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What the Discussion Reveals with Regard to the Novel’s Story and Theme

This discussion reveals a lot when it comes to an engagement that previously occurred between Anne Elliot and a good-looking nautical officer named Fredrick Wentworth. The discussion also reveals that though Wentworth had been previously ambitious though poor, he is now wealthy due to his wartime victories in the Royal Navy. The fact that Wentworth is not willing to speak also reveals that he has not yet forgiven Anne that rejected him before on the basis of his low financial status. This was after Anne was persuaded by her mother’s greatest friend and her own reliable confidante to severe the engagement.

With regard to the theme of love, the conversation it is centered the nature of men being unpredictable and forgetting the people they love, or have loved. Additionally, there is also a factual correlation between the bodily frames and the mentality of humanity. This means that stronger the bodies are, the stronger are the feelings that one has towards another.

Subsequently, the discussion reveals that men are more robust than women, though they live less. This provides a clear explanation on the nature of attachments of men. Men have complexities, hardships, and hazards to struggle with. They are always struggling and sweating, being seriously exposed to risks and adversities. At the times, everybody, including friends and relatives, rely on men.. Definitely, this is very difficult for men, especially when women’s feelings are added to all these challenges.

With regard to the differences in opinion that exist between men and women in case if love is concerned, the discussion reveals that at the time many books have been written on the inconstancy of women. As a matter of fact, the songs and proverbs written at the time talk of the fickleness of women. While challenging this opinion, women, on the other hand, stand on the view that men had any advantage of telling them their own story. This is because the education belonged to men, the higher or lower the degree was, with the pen being in the hands of men. As a result, women could not allow books to prove anything.

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The discussion that takes place in the Chapter 23 of this book is vital as it asserts that the true attachment and constancy in love between men and women is possible with the help of both parties, and not only one of them. Both men and women are equal to every vital effort, including every conjugal restraint, as long as both parties have an objective. In the whole, women seem to be in a position to love longer especially when the existence or hope has gone.

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