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Fleur Adcock’s Literary Creation. Custom Fleur Adcock’s Literary Creation Essay Writing Service || Fleur Adcock’s Literary Creation Essay samples, help

If I had not been acquainted with Fleur Adcock’s literary creation, I bet my life would not have been full-fledged. I acknowledge her poem “Weathering” as a stepping stone to my blissfully created love life, because I once realized that all that glitters is not gold. In my late teens, this poem became my anthem; I remember how people at school looked down upon me as a skinny, introverted person with no clear aim in life. As Fleur Adcock explores her own appearance, she creates a tone that expresses her dissatisfaction with the image she possesses. The same reaction I always had when I was mocked by my peers, and all the time I felt heavy on my heart. Life is all about how an individual perceives it, taking no account to other people’s thoughts.

From time to time I became a laughing stock, since I was very unconfident about the way I look. Insecurity engulfed my self-esteem, and my ego got crunched every time I thought about getting involved into something worthwhile. Nevertheless, a stitch in time saves nine; a ray of light at the end of the tunnel became a turning point in my “garbage life”. It all started with my exemplary skills and knowledge, when I and my peers formed a group, where everyone, regardless of age and character, helped each other to deal with different problems and encouraged each other to come up with a slogan that made us remarkably harmonious as a group. Coincidentally, two of us suggested the Fleur’s poem, and picked the phrase, “happy is how I look, and that’s all.” This became our motivation, and we have never looked back from then on; each of us in particular and our entire group in general. The most significant part of my personal motivation came to my mind and I decided that Fleur Adcock’s poem will be the everyday encouragement to my love life too.

Everyone tries to become perfect, but no one has ever reached the summit of this perfection. When someone experiences anxiety about his or her appearance, this strangles the confidence. Even though, someone might deny it, flaws are part of every human being and this can refer to the appearance too. Sometimes the attempts to become more attractive drive people to do the impossible. On the other hand, hesitancy and diffidence make people doubt about the way they look. In the first stanza of Adcock’s exemplary poem she wishes to be young forever; it is the only dream of every human: ‘Well that was a metropolitan vanity /wanting to look young forever, to pass’ (Adcock 1). As the saying goes, if wishes were horses, everyone would ride on them.

Perhaps in Fleur Adcock’s most illustrious piece of poetry, she analyzes her own individual experience and elevates the beauty. Obviously, this poem takes a form of lyric poetry because it expresses the poetess’s personal feelings and emotions. Evidently, it does not employ a rhyme scheme in it. She uses idiosyncratic poetic techniques of stimulating introduction, strong, grave attitude, naturalistic imagery, crucial tone, tantalizing figurative language and sternly conservative structures with the main purpose of interlocking her most persistent themes of nature, place and anti-romanticism. It characteristically emphasizes Adcock’s style; “Weathering” begins with noticeable thought, expressive lines, showing her literally thin skin: ‘My face catches the wind off the snow line and flushes with a flush that will never wholly settle’ (1).

The first three expressions of the poem show the reader that a psychological vigor prevails the bodily weakness. The poetess affirms the thin state of her skin through the metaphorical cliché showing that she is “thin skinned.”  This displays her emotional, weak spot. Furthermore, an eye-catching fact is that she used descriptive image. In the first stanza, she reveals:‘…the wind off the snowline and flushes with a flush that will never wholly settle’ (1). This also arouses instant awareness in presenting her agreeable recognition of the natural process of becoming old that can be caused by the wind. She employs the word “wind” in this line to reveal a potentially remarkable figurative allusion to aging which is an irrepressible force similar to the wind; their influence has inevitable consequences on someone’s skin. In this opening stanza, Adcock uses classical stimulating techniques and sets up her distinctive theme concerning nature. The stanza makes this poem differ from the variety of further poems. The author’s relations with people and her own personal concerns are in the center of attention in the poem.

Adcock’s poetry is fulfilled with the themes of human interactions, place, and daily activities, and there is always a gloomy twist prearranged to the ordinary proceedings she writes about. Earlier, her works were characterized by the  influences of Perfectionism, but her latest work has got a wobbly composition and is more alarmed with the world of the insensible mind.           

This is an inspirational poem, in which the poetess depicts satisfaction with her life. She concludes that the outer image is not so important, life is above all that, and every person has a purpose in life. It all trickles down to falling in love and dedicating one’s life to another person. Just like the poetess writes: ‘But now that I’m in love with a place that doesn’t care, and if I am happy…happy is how I look and that’s all’ (2).

Fleur Adcock’s Literary Creation. Custom Fleur Adcock’s Literary Creation Essay Writing Service || Fleur Adcock’s Literary Creation Essay samples, help

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