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In essence, marriage is an officially or culturally legitimate union that exists between a man and a woman living as husband and wife. In many ways, marriage is supposed to be a relationship that joins a woman and a man to live together under the loving contract. Marriage is, therefore, supposed to tie a man and a woman together in such a way that their relationship grow stronger

In the modern era, marriage seems to have found a totally different connotation with young couples signing contracts that seem short-lived, thus enabling either party to break their marriage oaths whenever they feel to do so. In most major religions of the world, marriage is considered very necessary and significant for the development of the relationship between a man and women.  

How Women think About Marriage

According to Saunders  within a matrimonial setting, women wanted admiration and respect, though their greatest desire is to be loved. According to a prominent religious personality, it is the nature of a woman to find favor in the eyes of her husband. Love and accolades from their partners is the basic thing that nurtures and upholds a woman in marriage. It does not matter  how consummate a woman is, or the kind of tasks she accomplishes on her own, a woman desires to have somebody taking care of her, looking out for her, and shielding her. Additionally, a woman wants to be seen, and to a great extent to be heard.

Due to the fact that women greatly desire to be loved, it can be very overwhelming to them if they are disapproved of. The same realized that it is usually difficult for women to be objective especially when they are fervently in love. As a matter of fact, for most women, manifestation  of disparagement from their husbands can make them feel as if the rug was pulled

In actual sense, if a little lack of attention makes a woman feel that her marriage is in danger, how much more a cruel grave remark might be disastrous to her? Many husbands think that their duty is to help their wives grow through their constructive criticism. However, the truth is that not only do their words destroy their better halves, but they also destroy their marriage.

How Men Think About Marriage

In most cases, two people may look at the same object but see totally different things. With regard to marriage, this statement is very true. Men think that marriage is the best opportunity for them to exercise the spirit of teamwork, cooperation, and a more justifiable dialogue on issues regarding marriage. Men also think that they need to be appreciated especially for the things they are doing for the family. In a matrimonial setting, men seem to generally believe that their wives should understand that obligations at work occasionally take precedence over the needs of the family. As a result, a man’s work undertakings and efforts need to be acknowledged and esteemed.

Men also think that marriage should be a safe haven with his wife being the best friend that he can unburden himself. Additionally, men want to be in a position of sharing their emotions and knowing that their thoughts and feelings will be kept confidential. To a man, friendship, fondness and romance are of utmost importance in marriage.

Furthermore, men think of marriage as offering a good opportunity for private time with their wives. This may not just be for sex, but to perform other activities together. The foundation of love is respect. A simple way that a man expects to be treated is just by being treated the way the wife would like him to treat her.

In conclusion, marriage is all about men and women working together. Both of them need one another. Being grateful for one’s spouse, granting admiration and showering with love are the basis for a strong marriage. 

Marriages. Custom Marriages Essay Writing Service || Marriages Essay samples, help

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