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It is by no doubt that the American dream of today still remains the same as that of the 1960’s,  dreams of the American people right now still remain better life for the future, of course their children and grandchildren. This was the same case that was experienced during that period of the great revolution in 1960’s. Though, at that time, people had different challenges from those facing Americans right now, many still hope and pray that their children should have a improved being than what they are getting right now.

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Every leader at that time had a dream that if things are well managed and planned, and then their children will have a better life than them (Millender & Fiorentino 1983). The dream of prominent leaders like martin Luther king junior was to have a better life for every child in America.”I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by color but by content of their character” Though he was mainly involved in fighting for the blacks he had a dream that, in the future, every American child should have a improved life than that which they were livelihood. His dream about equality has equally come to be realized. Every American, whether, black Caucasians or Indian is treated equally in every aspect of life.

Our parents also dreamt about a good life for us. For example, my mother, dreamt of having a decent house for is with quality education, medical attention and a good general lifestyle. She also had a dream that one day women will be treated same as men. She has been actively involved in the gender programmers’ as her main career. She worked extremely hrd in her education and career to ensure that she realized that dream for us. That dream is what I have every day. Many of us have pleasant dreams for our children to happy a good life. Since we are faced with many challenges today, people tend to have dreams that none of the problems should come to pass to their children. Everyone is dreaming that his /her child should not be faced with these hard economic problems we are facing right now (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Brill 2006).

It’s clear that it is an American dream that our children should get quality life than what we have right now. This pleasant life comes in form of very many different forms. These include good medical attention, better housing, good infrastructure, beautiful social amenities and access to good government services.

In achieving these dreams, the government, which is our leaders, should convince the American people about its plan to make sure our children have a better life. The government and all of us must ensure that the challenges we are facing now, should never be felt by any generations of the Americans

In conclusion,  no matter the challenges we are facing or changes in technology, every American dream will still remain that of  a better life for our children this can be confirmed even from the current leader, “our hope is to have a better life for our children” Barrack Obama. 

What to look for

Where is it in the essay

Where does the essay usee logos?

The second paragraph (Millender & fierontina, 1983).

Where does the essay use pathos?

The second paragraph, where martin Luther king’s words are quoted.


Where does the essays use ethos?

The second paragraph also is used to give ethos; Martin Luther kings’ words are quoted.

What is the thesis of this paper?

The paper is aimed to verify that the people of America still have a dream of “better life for our children”, this is from 1960’s up to now.

What are the supporting points?

1. Prominent leaders like Martin Luther King junior of 1960 have had the dream for better life for their children.

2. Our parents like my mother had also the same dream.

3. I have the dream that my kids should have a better life than me. 

What appeals are strongest and could emphasize the speech?

1. The appeal from the example of martin Luther king dream.

2. The appeal that everyone now is working hard so that their kids should have a better life.

3. The idea that no matter the changes in times and technology, our dream as an American dream will still remain to be that of a better life for our children.


American Dream. Custom American Dream Essay Writing Service || American Dream Essay samples, help

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