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One never knows what is going to be in the future. When you are 15 – you are full of energy and dreaming about the future profession; when you are 30 – you have lots of ambitions and have already chosen a job; when you are 50 – half of your life is ahead and this makes you think about the things that you haven`t done. Not all can boast to be 91, as the main hero in the story, however, when you are 90, the most difficult thing is to understand that you can`t change your life anymore. You make critical comparison and evaluation of what you have done and what not. The only way to be satisfied with your life is to not regret about anything in the past. This state can be achieved when you can define the aim of your life and realize that you have followed it during the years.

The interviewed person is a 91 year old father of three children. He is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. On the one hand, it seems to be the worst situation: the man has been constantly loosing his memory. From the conversation it can be judged, that sometimes he doesn`t even remember the names of his children: it was difficult for him to recollect the name of his son. What can be worst? His life is erasing in his mind, as if he hadn`t live it at all. However, on the other hand, he is absolutely happy. He has good mood and a positive way of thinking. In the interview, the daughters sometimes laugh at him, because he can`t remember simple things, however, this is not a sarcastic laugh. What is more, their father understands it and laughs at himself too. All these factors create a positive atmosphere throughout the whole conversation.

The father is happy, because he doesn`t regret about how he had lived his life. From his speech, it can be said that the main aim in his life is family. That is why, being 91 years old, he is satisfied to have two daughters and the son. This is the major stimuli for him to live. He hasn`t become depressed, despite it is common for people in the similar state, because he has the support of his family. In addition, at the end of the conversation, the daughters express their warm feelings about their father, saying that he is the model of the person to be followed. Thus, the father has not only the loving family and the support, but also recognition.

The life is empty if the person doesn`t have the aim of it. One can live his whole life as if he would die tomorrow, however, with the years, he won`t be able to recollect it at all. To the question: “What`s your life like now?” a person, who had live it according to this principle, will say: “I live as if I am going to dye tomorrow.” However, when you are 90, this is not only the statement, it become the reality. When the same person would be asked the question: “What was your life like?” there will be no answer, because it is impossible to have the same answer to all questions. One never knows if the father`s Alzheimer's disease and forgetting the things from life is worth that unexciting memory at all. It is hard to forget the important things; however, it is much harder not to have these things at all.

To make the long story short, in order to be happy and satisfied during all the stages of life, the person should have the aim. This aim makes the life full and extended, it makes a person feel good, even if he is in his early90s, or has some disease. The understanding that you have not wasted a single minute of your life is the best reward and stimuli of mood. It can help to overcome difficulties even in the worst moments of life. That is why one should always think ahead, if he wants to be proud of being a man.

What's Your Life Like Now, Dad. Custom What's Your Life Like Now, Dad Essay Writing Service || What's Your Life Like Now, Dad Essay samples, help

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