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When I was little, my father always insisted that an engineering course is one of the best courses in the world. He used to tell me how it was his dream to be an engineer but his parents wanted him to be a doctor. To avoid disappointing his parents he went to a medical school. Though he loves his job as a doctor he still believes that engineering is the course he wanted to purse in the university.

 As I viewed great and beautiful structures in the city-tall well designed buildings-the question on my mind was such a structure came in to existence. I promised myself that one day I would design one of the most beautiful structures in the world. Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings and structures like roads, bridges, canals, and dams. This is the course that would enable me to achieve my dream.

I did a research to find out if civil engineering would give a good job in the future. I found out that as a Civil engineer I can be employed by government agencies or by private construction companies. The government can hire me to work on projects like road construction and other government development and maintenance projects. Construction companies can hire me to analyze, design and manage of more complex design projects. As a Civil engineer, I can be consulted by private people who are constructing houses to design and ensure safe and strong houses.

I have always viewed sitting for hours in the office as boring would like a course that gives me a chance to work outside the office. Since civil engineering deals with construction, then this gives me a chance to visit the sites and avoid sitting in the office through out.

In conclusion, being one of the people who contribute to the design and construction of high quality and beautiful structures in the country will make me feel contented. I believe that my father's passion for engineering is in me and it would make him very happy watching me achieve what he did not.

Civil Engineer. Custom Civil Engineer Essay Writing Service || Civil Engineer Essay samples, help

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