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Currently, economy is developing at the higher rate with everybody being needed to do job so as to sustain him/herself. Life has become expensive as illustrated by the prices of basic commodities to luxury ones. However, in spite of everybody willing to work and live better life, unemployment has become a major problem. There are many people across the world both educated and uneducated that are jobless. Consequently, the cases of crimes and criminal activities right from local to international level have increased. This is because regardless of whether you are employed or unemployed, you have to meet your basic needs and try to live better life. Therefore, this increased demand of meeting basic needs have compelled people to get involved in all sorts of criminal activities.

It is actually true that life is not easy for any unemployed person, particularly one with a family. It was after two years when I came to realize this fact. I am a single dad with three kids that I need to support. I was laid off from my work almost two years ago. I worked with a funeral home where I prepared body for burial, picked up bodies from the place of death, and did anything that was related to the funeral business. This was the only source of employment that gave me my daily bread. I did this work for a reasonable period of time, delivering all my best and working heartedly.

Nevertheless, since I was laid off, it has been difficult for me to find something that I can support my family with. As you also know, it is not easy to bring up three children. That is whyI need a job that pays more than minimum wage. It is therefore due to this fact that this job would be perfect for me. I am a responsible, caring, and willing to learn anything with high ability to work anywhere and at any time.

Having looked at the requirements and qualifications for this job, I believe that I am the right and the best candidate for this position. This is not due to desperation, but because of my high experience, dedication, ready to learn mind, my love for this work. Having been unemployed for almost two years and with big responsibilities for my family, I now know significance of upholding and delivering all your best when doing your work just like I used to do in my previous work.

This job will be of great importance for me and my family, since if given, will raise my living standards. This is one of the best jobs that I have ever come across before. It has a favorable working environment and needs both skills and strength unlike my previous work which required strength a lot. I have also heard testimonies from some of employees who praised good relationship between management and employees. This is, thus, one of the factors that have attracted me to apply for this job. While many people consider wages and salaries first, I usually put into consideration the relationships between employees and employer. This is because good relationship usually leads to better performances which in turn will lead to good wages and earnings.

I am, therefore, looking forward to get positive feedback from you as I prepare to start working with you. With all qualities and skills mentioned above, I have no doubt in my mind that I am the best candidate for this job. I would therefore like to urge you to give me a chance to prove myself. With due regards and my interest in this job, I am ready to start working anytime from now.

It is Important to Have a Job. Custom It is Important to Have a Job Essay Writing Service || It is Important to Have a Job Essay samples, help

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