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There are too little holidays during the year, that is why, it is a great pleasure to celebrate each of them. I enjoy New Year and Christmas, due to the special winter atmosphere. I love Easter, because all my neighbors are so friendly this day. However, my favorite holiday is my birthday. I was born on July 27, 1981 and since that time I have been constantly celebrating this day. Even though I am not a little boy any more, however, the day of my birth is very special for me. I always feel like during this day the miracle is happening. The miracle had happened that day in 1990.

It was 8 o`clock in the morning, but it seemed I had woke up ages ago. I was still in the bed, because I knew that my parents were just about to come to my room and congratulate me on my birthday, but they didn`t. Succumbing the temptation to go out of the room, I was waiting. At nearly 9 o`clock my parents entered my room. After congratulating me and giving me my birthday present, by the way I have got the car toy I was all the time dreaming about, my mother said that the major present I will get later. As I was only 9 years old, all my thoughts were full of new toys and super games, however the present, which I have got later was a great surprise for me. When I had breakfast, I was thinking about my further present. It was very suspicious, that my father went somewhere straight after the breakfast and all the preparation were dome by my mother and me. All the guests were to come near 2 p.m.

I was very surprised, when the first ring at the door I have heard around 12 o`clock in the afternoon. What is more, my mother asked me to open the door. I was definitely sure that it was my best friend, who always comes earlier. When I opened the door and was surprised to hear: “Hello, dear, I am your present”. It was my granny, who lived in Mexico, while we were living in the USA. She had such a long trip just to congratulate me on my birthday and make little miracle. To tell you the truth, it was just a gorgeous moment. I can recollect each feeling that I had that moment even today. I loved my granny a lot. However, due to the big distance, it was very hard to communicate with her. I could speak hours with her. I was a very curious little boy, and as a rule, it was very annoying to my parents to hear one thousand questions per a minute all the time. However, my granny was different; she was patient and loved to answer my numerous questions. I loved her to death. I felt myself very secure in her hugs.

Except the major present –my granny`s visit – I have got a super great bike. My granny bought it in Mexico. It was very expensive and I was even afraid to ride it for a while. However, I managed to do this. There were a lot of smiles and happy moments that day. My guests started to come to the party. My parents have ordered a clown and my friends and I have been playing different games with him. I have got lots of presents: books, games and toys. All the time I was showing new and new presents for my granny and she was smiling to me with her broad smile. She was so pleased to see my happiness and positive emotions.. This was the last birthday, when I could see my granny.

That birthday was special for me not only because I have seen my granny, but it was the line between my childhood and so-called adultery. The thing is that when my mother said about the major present, all that time I was trying to guess what it would be. I was hoping to receive big transformer or some other toy. I was thinking all the time about some material childish presents. However, everything turned out at the moment, when I saw my granny. For that moment I didn`t need any new toys or some other presents, the only thing that made me happy was my granny. From that moment, the miracle for me had changed. Before, I was waiting my birthdays just because of the presents, the toys, the books and the games, from that day and till now. Nowadays, I am also waiting for my birthday; however the miracle is different for me now.

Even though it seemed to be a very sad story, however, it taught me a lot. I mean, due to that birthday I appreciate family relationships. When my peers are spending their birthday party organizing a great party with a lot of people and loud music, for me the best way to spend this day is with my family. My granny was the person, whom I loved very much, however due to the different circumstances I couldn`t meet with her a lot. Now I try to visit my family, those people whom I love, as much as possible. My birthday became a good tradition in our family, and a chance to meet with the whole family at least once in a year. The next day I meet with my friend, because they are also a crucial part of my life. The miracle always happens on my birthday, because all the family is gathering together, laughing and sliming, the same as once my granny did, and this is the miracle.

To make the long story short, I`d like to admit that, there are so little holidays during the year, some of them are favorable, and some of them are not. However, everyday can be a holiday, everyday can bring happiness, everyday can have a miracle; everything depends on the atmosphere, which is created by the people who are near.

My Best Holiday. Custom My Best Holiday Essay Writing Service || My Best Holiday Essay samples, help

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