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Average minds when hear the word “programmer” picture this nerdy guy talking in some weird dialect of English language, not necessarily tidy dressed. It is also perceived that they sit in front of their computers day and night. What normal girl would not be scared of this perspective? Girls like to go out, spending a whole day by her lonesome would be the killer for them.  Women are known for their mountains of hare, face, body and cosmetics, of course.

Sarcasm aside, women are different from men in number of ways, and that should be disregarded.  One of the reasons why a lot of ladies are not fit for the job, they get distracted a lot. It is not intended to say that they are inattentive, on the contrary, too attentive. It has been scientifically proven that females notice much more gestures, facial expressions and other event around them, unlike men who never notice girls’ new haircuts and new dresses.

To be in programming, you have to have rigorous logic and be highly concentrated on your task. If you miss one letter, number or sign out of thousands, you can spend weeks looking for the mistake to correct it. Male population has much more representatives with impeccable concentration and rigorous mind; however, female population has a lot of brilliant minds too, fit for this job.

For my part, main reason why there are so little women in the programming field is badly advertised opportunities. Boys who grow up to be programmers get in this area at the beginning just for the kicks of it and girls normally have other things bothering their pretty heads. If the girls would see real opportunities, careers in programming there would be much more ladies in this field. 

Feasibility. Custom Feasibility Essay Writing Service || Feasibility Essay samples, help

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