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Since the early years, I had a dream to learn skiing. Year to year I was trying to go to any ski resort, but there was always something in my way. Finally, during my spring break this year I managed to go skiing. As Colorado is famous for its skiing resorts, the only thing I had to do was to pick the one I would like to go to. After browsing the web and talking to some friends of mine, I decided it would be Telluride Ski Resort.

            I decided to spend the entire week skiing. Prior to this, we decided to have a look around, since the picturesque views could not be left unnoticed. All of my friends have had the skiing experience before, so they just enjoyed the unbelievable scenery of the surrounding mountains, while I threw a quick glance around and insisted on going to the slopes. The snow seemed to be lying untouched for ages.

            Despite the advices, given to me by my more experienced friends, I decided to try and master the smallest slope all on my own, without previous lessons with instructor. I was so sure of my physical fitness and the ability to concentrate and tuck myself that I managed to go half way down before I lost balance. Another few falls made me change my decision and go back to the base and sign up for the instructor’s lesson.

            It was such a relief a former professional skier happened to be my instructor. He did not talk a lot. Instead, he made me and four more people in the study group put on skis and copy all the moves he was doing. Later on, my friends showed me the pictures of me, ducking and falling from putting my body in the unusual position. The pictures were embarrassing, but they proved my will to succeed.

            It took me only two lessons to feel comfortable on the snow cover. I now knew how to balance while going down, or how to make a turn or slow, in order not to hit another skier. I learnt that going too fast could lead to rather catastrophic results. Besides crushing myself, I could hit or run over somebody, or what is even worse, make them suffer severe injuries. The instructor told us that skiing is not only about fun; it is about responsibility.

            So I went to the beginner’s slope again and gave it another try. This time I felt myself more confident. I could already predict most of the moves I needed to make, to descend the mount successfully. At first, I took it really slowly and followed all the instructions. When I was halfway down, I tried to speed up a bit, and I managed. I was at the foot of the hill in less than a minute. After that, I spent another two hours going down the few hills, mostly easy ones, designed for beginners.

            The second day, my entire body hurt so badly that I had to go to the massage first. Luckily my tour was all-inclusive, and I did not have to spend extra on the miscellaneous expenses. I tried the medium-complexity slope in the afternoon, and it was OK for me. I exercised quite a bit, going down and making turns, slowing down and accelerating.

            The final stage of my skiing experience became descending from the highest, longest, and most complex slope of all in Telluride. The elevator ride to the top of it took almost 10 minutes. Then there was still an option to choose the way one goes down – on the elevator or on the skis. I chose skis. The snow was perfect, allowing me to speed up when I needed to and to slow down immediately. After I was down again, resting at the foot of the hill, I knew I would only go down this slope, no other. For the rest of our stay in Telluride, I enjoyed skiing with my friends, and relaxed, playing games, in the evening. My spring break went as awesome as never.

The Spring Break. Custom The Spring Break Essay Writing Service || The Spring Break Essay samples, help

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